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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

January 31, 2017

DMA Cutting Back Special Rules for Danish Shippers

A benchmark analysis shows that Denmark has 33 special requirements for ships flying the Danish flag, a number which the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) seeks to scale back as it aims to create a more favorable environment for shippers.

“Denmark is characterized by quality shipping and Deloitte’s benchmark analysis confirms that Denmark is a good place to conduct maritime business,” said DMA Director General Andreas Nordseth. “We have been alleviating burdens for a long time and we have already abolished four of the 33 special requirements identified in the analysis. Now, with this analysis in hand, we will take initiatives to make it even more attractive to fly the Danish flag.”

The benchmark analysis was carried out by Deloitte on the basis of a decision by the Danish Government’s Implementation Committee.

It was examined to what extent Denmark gold-plates five international conventions or has other additional special requirements compared to Germany, Malta, Norway, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Analysis has identified 33 special requirements, including inter alia, requirements related to the construction of ships, inspections, certification and reporting obligations. The Implementation Committee has asked the DMA to align the requirements with those of the neighboring countries.

As of January 1, 2017, four of the 33 special requirements have been abolished, including a requirement to report information on the signing on and signing off. In the coming months, additional revisions of requirements will be initiated in order to further alleviate the burdens imposed on the maritime industry.

The report has also been sent to the Maritime Strategy Team for the Blue Denmark.

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