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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by September 18, 2019

NYK Conducts Japan’s First Carbon-Neutral Voyage

Aries Leader (Photo: NYK Line)

Aries Leader (Photo: NYK Line)

NYK has become the first Japanese shipping company to realize a carbon-neutral voyage by offsetting 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), equivalent to the CO2 emitted by NYK’s environmental flagship car carrier Aries Leader during one voyage between Japan and the Middle East.

Aries Leader is equipped with the latest energy-saving technologies, reducing CO2 emissions per unit by 30% compared with existing large pure car carriers (i.e., comparing emissions on a per car basis). In this initiative, the remaining CO2 emissions not yet eliminated by technology have been offset by carbon credits to allow NYK to realize carbon-neutral transportation that theoretically reduces CO2 emissions to zero.

This initiative demonstrates the ability of NYK to provide carbon-neutral transportation to its Japanese and overseas customers, thus meeting the demand for a more sustainable, carbon-free supply chain. NYK will propose and expand its carbon offsets to customers as an option that benefits the environment and contributes to a zero-carbon-footprint supply chain.

The company will continue its efforts to provide shipping services that meet customer needs, as well as create new green businesses through carbon credit initiatives and realize the company's basic philosophy of “Bringing value to life.”

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