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Friday, October 30, 2020

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September 22, 2019

Cleancor's LNG Supply Push Via Mississipi River

Photo courtesy: Cleancor Energy Solutions LLC.

Photo courtesy: Cleancor Energy Solutions LLC.

Cleancor Energy Solutions, a unit of the the marine services company SEACOR Holdings, launched a joint initiative with the logistics and barge transportation company SCF Marine to increase the use and supply of LNG and CNG natural gas throughout the Mississippi River system.

SCF’s in-depth knowledge of the U.S. Inland Waterways and its strategically located ports, terminals, barge fleets, and existing customer relationships provide Cleancor with a robust platform from which to deploy modern and mobile LNG and CNG equipment. In addition to bunkering towboats, LNG can serve as a viable and scalable alternative fueling solution for a variety of inland manufacturing, mining, asphalt, agricultural and transportation operations.

Cleancor currently supplies millions of gallons of LNG annually to locations around the U.S. via its fleet of cryogenic and high-pressure storage, transportation and gas conditioning equipment. “Our LNG and CNG supplies are highly adaptive to customer demands and can service both low and high volume projects on a temporary or permanent basis. Our team is equipped with the expertise and resources to work with customers who want to transition from diesel, fuel oil or propane energy to cleaner, less expensive alternatives,” said Jeff Woods, President of CLEANCOR.

As part of this joint effort, SCF recently purchased two 2520 HP triple screw Z-Drive towboats to support its U.S. Inland River container-on-barge service and is exploring the conversion of these vessels to dual-fuel LNG and diesel. This conversion, if completed, will have the benefit of lowering emissions and the overall cost of operations,” said, SCF President, Tim Power.

Mr. Power further stated that “towboats of these design specifications and characteristics are an exciting addition to the SCF fleet and support the safe and efficient movement of our customers’ cargo. We look forward to working with the Cleancor team as we strive to make this project a reality.”

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