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Monday, July 15, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by April 9, 2019

ChartWorld Launches Voyage Planning Platform

Photo: ChartWorld

Photo: ChartWorld

ChartWorld has launched its My Route Appraisal (MyRA) digital routing service. The MyRA concept is built around the digitization and automation of voyage planning procedures, freeing up the bridge team to concentrate on route approval, execution and monitoring.

MyRA provides vessels and onshore personnel with an automatically proposed ECDIS-ready voyage plan; this is based on a route network, port databases, bathymetry from ENCs, weather forecasts, and the relevant ship model. Ship-specific safety contours and automatically calculated safety corridors (XTD) are factored into the route calculation and route check. Weather-optimized and/or fuel-optimized route planning can also be included for the fastest or most economic routing.

Voyage plans automatically include all navigational route information:

  • Voyage data
  • Routing criteria, waypoints, ENC, ADP, AENP, T&M Notices, and NAVAREA warnings in force
  • Information about ENC data quality (CATZOC), minimum charted depth, ECA and MARPOL zones

Voyage-plan data is provided in printable PDF and editable Excel formats, with a pre-checked route in RTZ format, export-ready for any ECDIS. 

MyRA also delivers ChartWorld’s unique CIO+ overlay with additional safety-related information.