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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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December 15, 2015

Canada and Sweden Cooperate on Arctic Science

Photo Credit: Alamy

Photo Credit: Alamy

 Canada and Sweden have reached a deal to share data that could help support Canadian claims to a vast swath of the Arctic beyond its natural borders.

The two northern nations signed a new five-year "Arctic science cooperation agreement" during a meeting in Stockholm between Canada's Science Minister Kristy Duncan and Bjorn Dahlback, head of the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.
This new five-year arrangement between Natural Resources Canada and SPRS aims to enhance scientific cooperation in the Arctic through collaborative activities including elements such as marine surveying, exchange of scientific data and promotion of research results. 
The primary objective of this arrangement is to establish a framework for cooperation between the two countries for collaborative science and innovation activities in the Arctic, and specifically in the Arctic Ocean.
“Understanding the Arctic matters more now than ever because of global challenges such as climate change. Collaboration with Sweden will help Canada’s scientists collect data to better understand northern ecosystems, which in turn will help us develop more effective evidence-based policies to protect our polar regions,” said Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science.
Stéphane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs said: “Canada and Sweden are strong partners in the Arctic. This new collaboration is a reflection of our shared interest in enhancing Arctic research and knowledge in this time of unprecedented change in the region.”
Future activities to be discussed include data gathering in support of Canada’s extended continental shelf submission for the Arctic Ocean.
Canada and Sweden benefit from a long-standing relationship that fosters cooperation. Both are northern countries known for advanced research and innovation, with many shared interests, including in the Arctic. 
Canada and Sweden also cooperate closely as members of the Arctic Council on important environmental protection, marine safety and sustainable development issues in the region.
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