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Thursday, April 9, 2020

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June 13, 2016

Bouchard Transportation Wins Jones F. Devlin Award

Courtesy Chamber of Shipping of America

Courtesy Chamber of Shipping of America

The Chamber of Shipping of America awarded thirty- nine (39) Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. operating vessels the Jones F. Devlin Award, at the Annual Safety Awards Luncheon in New Orleans, LA.
This award further symbolizes Bouchard’s dedicated commitment to safety, and is a true testament to the hard work and devotion their crew and safety department put forth every day to ensure Bouchard always operates safely. Congratulations to the following vessels and their crew on this notable achievement:

B. No. 205

B. No. 250

M/V Barbara E. Bouchard

M/V J. George Betz

B. No. 210

B. No. 260

M/V Bouchard Boys

M/V Linda Lee Bouchard

B. No. 215

B. No. 264

M/V Bouchard Girls

M/V Marion C. Bouchard

B. No. 220

B. No. 265

M/V Brendan J. Bouchard

M/V Morton S. Bouchard IV

B. No. 225

B. No. 275

M/V Buster Bouchard

M/V Ralph E. Bouchard

B. No. 230

B. No. 280

M/V Captain Fred Bouchard

M/V Rhea I. Bouchard

B. No. 231

B. No. 282

M/V Danielle M. Bouchard

M/V Robert J. Bouchard

B. No. 235

B. No. 284

M/V Ellen S. Bouchard


B. No. 240

B. No. 285

M/V Evening Light


B. No. 242

B. No. 295

M/V Evening Mist


B. No. 245


M/V Evening Star




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