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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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March 11, 2019

SHIP Intros Innovations

Pic: Amsterdam Port

Pic: Amsterdam Port

Sluis Haven Informatie Punt (SHIP), the information center is located on the lock complex right next to the construction site of the new sea lock in the North Sea Canal Area of IJmuiden, Netherlands, has introduced innovations over the past few months.

Shipping company Jumelet has been granted a permit to use the mooring jetty near SHIP and will soon start a regular service from IJmuiden to SHIP and vice versa.

Furthermore, Technolab, especially intended for young learners in primary education, has been expanded with new technology workshops. For art lovers, there is a new exhibition showing pen drawings and paintings by Thijs Zwart.

Shipping company Jumelet has received a permit from Rijkswaterstaat to use the mooring jetty at SHIP. The permit has been issued for a period of five years. From the start of the new sailing season in April, the shipping company will offer visitors to SHIP the opportunity to use MV Koningin Emma for a trip from IJmuiden to SHIP and vice versa.  

In Technolab in SHIP, young learners in primary education can become acquainted with technology. After the introductory workshop 'Take on the Role of the Lock Keeper', Techport now also has three new workshops. In these new workshops, young learners in primary education will work with pulleys, solar energy and hydropower.