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Sunday, August 25, 2019

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December 15, 2017

Hapag-Lloyd Bullish on Mexico

Photo: Hapag-Lloyd

Photo: Hapag-Lloyd

After evaluating performance in 2017, the German shipping line serving sectors such as pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry and the technology sector in Mexico expects maritime shipping volumes to experience double-digit growth in 2018 and foresees a continuous increase in cargo volumes.

On holding its annual meeting with Latin American leaders in Mexico, the shipping line Hapag-Lloyd pointed to significant growth in infrastructure and operational capacities in the country on reporting its year-end closing for 2017. 
This positive development is thanks to the favorable outlook in maritime transport in Mexico and worldwide. During the current year, the German company has experienced double-digit growth for export transactions in Mexico while import-related operations have increased by six percent in comparison to 2016. 
On evaluating performance for 2017, the company believes that the sector can achieve double-digit growth if the Mexican economy continues to expand at its current rate.
"We have had a presence in Mexico since 1902, which has enabled us to identify and open up business opportunities. We have also witnessed the extension and strengthening of strategic ports to connect the country with other markets," stated Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO at Hapag-Lloyd AG during his visit to the country.
As reported by the Mexican General Coordination Office for Ports and Merchant Marine at the Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, 80% of world trade is carried by the shipping industry. In Mexico, a third of freight is transported by sea with
400 million tons of goods shipped in 2016. The company has weekly and regular services in the main ports, which have undergone modernization and construction. Ports include Altamira, Veracruz, Lázaro Cárdenas and Manzanillo among others.
"The investment in these ports has enabled us to position ourselves as a leader in multimodal transport in Mexico. We expect to close 2017 with approximately 750 thousand TEU’s of cargo globally and in line with the figures that we have reported. The merger with United Arab Shipping Company will also give us the opportunity to reach other markets," added Habben Jansen.
To finish off, the CEO stressed the profound impact that technology will have on the sector. Hapag-Lloyd expects a variety of applications to make its operations easier, generating healthy profits for its clients.
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