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Thursday, October 29, 2020

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December 5, 2018

Future Maritime Design: NETSCo Sponsors Student Design Competition

  • Team 9 – Black Friday, took First Place. Photo: Netsco.
  • Team 5 – Team Boats, took Third Place. Photo: Netsco
  • Team 9 – Black Friday, took First Place. Photo: Netsco. Team 9 – Black Friday, took First Place. Photo: Netsco.
  • Team 5 – Team Boats, took Third Place. Photo: Netsco Team 5 – Team Boats, took Third Place. Photo: Netsco

NETSCo announced the winners of the 2018 Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) Student Design Competition held recently during the 2018 SNAME Maritime Convention in Providence, RI. Many interesting designs were devised with over 150 students participating in the competition. Congratulations to our winning teams: First Place Team 9 – Black Friday; Second Place, Team 8 – PlayBuoy; and, Third Place, Team 5 – Team Boats.

The Competition is organized by the SNAME Student Steering Committee (SSC), and sponsored by NETSCo Naval Architect and Maritime Engineering, the annual event was created to keep students both engaged and entertained while solving a maritime design/build challenge using strict guidelines. The students were required to calculate the major hydrostatics of the vessel, lightship weight, fully loaded mean draft and trim to estimate the vessels speed while carrying 2 pounds of cargo. Other requirements included: only supplied materials can be used: available time to design was 1.75 hours; vessel’s length < 15 inches (penalty of +1 sec on your time for every added inch); the vessel must have a sail and carry 2 pounds of cargo with no loss while the vessel crosses the pool; and, all parts must move as a whole. With less than two hours to design and construct working models, the ten teams created vessels to compete in a series of two, timed runs and were scored based upon a pre‐determined formula on the vessel performance and design. Theodore Kardaras, Vice-Chairman of the SNAME Student Steering Committee said, “NETSCo has sponsored the Student Design Competition for the past ten years knowing that there is nothing more important than bringing students together from all around the globe in order to exchange ideas and collaborate in the completion of a challenge.”

“Each year we are excited to see such a large number of students participating,” said Richard Mueller, NETSCo President and CEO.  “The SSC does a great job inspiring the youth to pursue a career in the maritime engineering field and we are thrilled to support their efforts.”

First Place Winners:
Team 9 – Black Friday

Stephen Bruno Yellow, USCG Academy; Anthony Rkza, Stevens Institute of Technology; Joseph Lodge, Stevens Institute of Technology; Andrew Mueller, Stevens Institute of Technology; Benjamin Lee, Webb Institute; Nick Jabs, USCG Academy; Anika Szuszman, University of Michigan; Martine Montgomery, Florida Atlantic; Thomas Schubert, Virginia Tech; and, Jared Schwallie, University of Michigan.

Second Place Winners:
Team 8 – Playbuoy

Team 8, Playbuoy, took Second Place. Photo: Netsco

Tybalt Lea, Memorial University; Candace Wiwel, University of Michigan; Vessica Suarez, California Maritime Academy; Cooper Mitchell, Florida Institute of Technology; Aldric Terral, California Maritime Academy; Charles Schertzing, University of Michigan; Hannah Waddeau, USCG Academy; Benjamin Taminceiz, USCG Academy; Martin Jacoby; Universidad Technologica Nacional; and, Nicholas Stryker, Stevens Institute of Technology.

Third Place Winners:
Team 5 – Team Boats

Taylor Campbell, Webb University; Kelly Bodeman, Stevens Institute of Technology; Sean Hughes, Webb Institute; Declan Gaylo, Webb Institute; David Rose, USCG Academy; Ian Ferguson, University of Michigan, Maggie Stagner University of Michigan, Jack Bonoli, Stevens Institute of Technology; Andrew Pidduck, Webb Institute, Menelaos Papdop

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