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UK Ban on Live Animal Export Receives Royal Assent

May 22, 2024

A new ban on exporting live animals came into law in the UK on May 20 as the Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Act received Royal Assent.The act capitalizes on post-Brexit freedoms to bolster the UK’s position as a world leader in animal welfare standards, said the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.“The legislation delivers on a key manifesto commitment to ban the export of live animals including cattle…

Australia Sets Date for End of Live Sheep Exports

May 12, 2024

Australia’s Minister for Agriculture has announced that the nation’s live sheep export trade is to end on May 1, 2028.The end date will be legislated in the Labor government’s current term, after the Department of Agriculture (DAFF) developed…

Concerns Voiced over Potential Restart of New Zealand’s Live Export Industry

Apr 29, 2024

The New Zealand government may restart the live export trade which has been banned since May 1, 2023.The ban was imposed in response to veterinarians, animal welfare advocates and the New Zealand public decrying conditions and outcomes for the animals…

Animal Welfare Groups Call For Live Sheep Export Ban Timetable

Apr 18, 2024

An open letter has called on Australia’s Albanese Government to deliver on its election promise and legislate an end to live sheep export.The call, from the RSPCA and 10 other Australian animal protection organisations, comes nearly six months…

South African Court Rules on Sheep Inspections

Apr 03, 2024

South African animal welfare organization NSPCA has applauded a Judgment from the Eastern Cape Division of the High Court, Makhanda, affirming the NSPCA’s ability to screen all animals being readied for loading on the Al Messilah livestock carrier which docked in the East London Harbour on April 2…

Over 100 Cattle Die on Voyage to Indonesia

Mar 26, 2024

Over 100 cattle have died after departing Australia on the Brahman Express. The vessel, built in 2002 and operated by Vroon, was destined for Indonesia.This is one of the highest mortality rates reported on an Australian short haul cattle shipment…

After Failed Voyage, 14,500 Australian Livestock Sail Again for Israel

Mar 04, 2024

Around 14,500 livestock sailed from Australia to Israel on Sunday for the second time, two months after their first voyage was curtailed by the threat of attack by Houthi militants in the Red Sea.The animals left Fremantle port in Perth on Jan…

Animal Welfare Groups Decry Bahijah Re-Export Decision

Mar 01, 2024

The Australian Alliance for Animals and the RSPCA have expressed dismay over the decision by Australia’s Department of Agriculture to allow the re-export of more than 15,000 sheep on board the Bahijah to the Middle East.Originally, 16,000 Australian…

Unloading of Stranded Australian Livestock Begins

Feb 12, 2024

Thousands of sheep and cattle stuck on a ship that was forced to abandon a passage through the Red Sea last month have begun disembarking at the same Australian port they left nearly six weeks ago, Australia's agriculture ministry said late on Monday…

Australian Welfare Organizations Call for Suspension of Live Animal Exports

Feb 07, 2024

The Australian Alliance for Animals has written an open letter to animal exporters imploring them to voluntarily suspend all live animal exports to or through the Red Sea while the risk of attack remains and to suspend any extended journeys to the Middle East via the Cape of Good Hope…

Concern Raised that Australian Sheep Will be Re-Exported

Feb 06, 2024

The Australian government refused a request by an Israeli livestock exporter to send a ship carrying around 14,000 sheep and hundreds of cattle on a month-long voyage around Africa to Israel earlier this week, but it left the way open for other options…

Australian Livestock: Second Vessel Heads to Red Sea

Feb 02, 2024

A ship carrying 16,000 sheep and cows that turned back from the Red Sea due to the risk of attack off Yemen was stranded at an Australian port in a heatwave on Friday as the exporter sought to offload at least some of the animals into quarantine…

Australia Recalls Livestock Carrier Destined for Middle East

Jan 21, 2024

The Australian Government has recalled the livestock carrier Bahijah after it diverted from the Red Sea over a week into its voyage to the Middle East.The Bahijah loaded cattle and sheep in Fremantle, Western Australia, and departed for the Middle East on January 5…

Report Highlights EU Live Animal Transport Issues

Nov 28, 2023

A new report provides insights into animal welfare issues during transport within and from the EU.Around 44 million farmed animals a year are transported, including unweaned calves and lambs on journeys from Europe lasting up to three weeks…

Australian Government Responds to Live Export Petition

Nov 27, 2023

The RSPCA has welcomed the tabling of the Australian federal Minister for Agriculture's response to one of the largest Australian parliamentary e-petitions in history, calling for an end to live sheep export.Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry…

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