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Nautical Institute Publishes Electronic Evidence Guidelines

Sep 16, 2019

The Nautical Institute has published the second volume in its ‘Collecting Maritime Evidence’ series, which focuses on the collection and preservation of electronic evidence and how it can be used to understand the circumstances that led to a maritime incident.The Institute stated that while not completely replacing traditional records such as hard-copy logbooks, data from electronic sources such as ECDIS…

NEW BOOK: Treasures, Shipwrecks and the Dawn of Red Sea Diving

May 22, 2024

Howard Rosenstein wasn’t just opening the first dive school in Sharm El-Sheikh; he was cracking open a hidden world in Sinai. This true story dives headfirst into those groundbreaking times, where celebrated guests, uncharted dives and historical discoveries became the extraordinary routine…

New Book: Steaming to Djibouti…My First Hitch on an Underway Replenishment Ship

Dec 09, 2020

The following excerpts are from the new travelogue by Captain Sean P. Tortora, titled, “Steaming to Djibouti…My First Hitch on an Underway Replenishment Ship.”  Join a motivated young merchant marine officer on his first journey onboard a venerable navy auxiliary steamship…

Sea Captain Shares His Oceanic Adventures and Insight Into Sailing and Yachting

Oct 06, 2020

The sea presents many adventures and challenges for those who travel it. In his riveting memoir, “With Tangra Against the Wind,” Captain Nikolay Djambazov details his lifestyle as a sailor and yachtsman, where he did all of his voyages only with a compass and a sextant…

Book Review: Getting Down to It; 50 Years of Subsea Success in Norway

Jun 11, 2019

The Norwegian Continental Shelf’s journey from the very first basic marinized subsea trees to today’s complex and sophisticated subsea processing equipment has been a rapid, at times turbulent, but always remarkable.There are many engineers who have seen through that journey…

New Book Provides Guideline to Professional Stowage Planning

Dec 17, 2018

Stowage planning is an extremely hard discipline that is taught in an apprenticeship fashion within liner shipping companies. By utilizing each container vessel maximally and incorporating knowledge about stowage planning in both operational and commercial functions…

Overcapacity Still Weighs on Shipping Industry -Report

Oct 25, 2017

Global demand for maritime shipping picked up last year, but the pace was still below the historical 3 percent average and continued to lag behind supply, keeping freight rates and earnings low in most segments, a new UNCTAD report says. The…

'Anatomy of an Accident' Dissects Casualty Response

Jun 01, 2017

Anatomy of an Accident, a new publication from The Swedish Club, provides a unique insight into the huge coordinated exercise that surrounds a serious vessel casualty. Illustrating just how easily an incident can escalate; the guide explores…

Winter Weather Delays Grain Movement to US Ports

Feb 10, 2017

Severe winter weather has slowed rail deliveries of crops to shippers in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, sending freight rates soaring and prompting Asian buyers to seek fill-in loads as they wait for the backlog at ports to clear. Blizzards…

Marine Surveying and Consultancy – An Introduction

Jan 31, 2017

Having been an independent marine surveyor and consultant for many years, author and educator Mike Wall has based his new book Marine Surveying and Consultancy – An Introduction on experience.Primarily aimed at those wishing to become independent marine surveyors and consultants…

The American Club Celebrates Its Centenary

Jan 03, 2017

The American P&I Club was founded in New York nearly a century ago. To celebrate its first 100 years, a book entitled The American Club: A Centennial History has just been published. The book tells the story of the Club across ten decades…

New Book for Training ‘Voyage Planning with ECDIS’

Dec 01, 2016

Geomares Publishing is introducing a new training book ‘Voyage Planning with ECDIS’, written by Professor Ralph Becker-Heins. Voyage Planning with ECDIS aims to provide a profound hands-on advice on how to best compile a suitable voyage plan fully in line with the principles of IMO Resolution A…

The Shipmaster’s Business Self-Examiner

Aug 03, 2016

The 10th edition of The Shipmaster’s Business Self-Examiner, published by The Nautical Institute, has been completely revised and expanded to take account of the latest changes to maritime regulations and procedures. It serves as a reference…

Book Review: Matterhorn

Jul 19, 2016

Matterhorn: The Operational History of the US XX Bomber Command from India and China: 1944-1945 is the operational history of the XX (20th) Bomber Command and its combat missions from India and China. The book traces the development of the…

Book Review: Privateers of the Revolution

Jul 19, 2016

Privateers of the Revolution: War on the New Jersey Coast 1775-1783 is the revelatory narrative of the 538 Pennsylvania and New Jersey privateers, privately owned ships of war some called pirates. Manned by over 18,000 men, these privateers influenced the fight for American independence…

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Pilot Planning Implicated in Tanker Contact with Jetty

Pilot Planning Implicated in Tanker Contact with Jetty

Sempra Signs Contract with Bechtel to Build Port Arthur LNG Phase 2

Sempra Signs Contract with Bechtel to Build Port Arthur LNG Phase 2

Texas Tanker Bottleneck Grows on Slow Freeport LNG Restart

Texas Tanker Bottleneck Grows on Slow Freeport LNG Restart

China's Commodity Import Trend Driven by Prices, Not Economy

China's Commodity Import Trend Driven by Prices, Not Economy

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