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Monday, April 12, 2021

Uk Pi Club News

MV Argo Merchant was a Liberian-flagged oil tanker that ran aground and sank southeast of Nantucket Island, Mass., on Dec. 15, 1976, causing one of the largest marine oil spills in history. U.S. Coast Guard Archives

Anatomy of a Marine Casualty Investigation

Blank Rome’s maritime attorneys have represented clients in some of the largest maritime casualties in the last 20 years, including the Staten Island Ferry allision with a maintenance pier in New York, the blow out and eventual loss of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the sinking of the El Faro during Hurricane Joaquin, and the collision between the Navy Destroyer USS John S. McCain and the tanker ALNIC MC in the Singapore Strait. These casualties have resulted in the catastrophic loss of life…

Photo: BIMCO

BIMCO's Sanctions Clauses to Meet Challenges

BIMCO’s Documentary Committee has approved two charter party sanctions clauses to help owners and charterers manage due diligence policies and navigate an increasingly complex environment of economic and trade sanctions imposed by governments.Sanctions have become a widely used geopolitical tool by governments. The rules are complex, imprecisely drafted, often changing, and the risks of violation can be high. The necessity of sanctions clauses that provide contractual certainty has prompted BIMCO to revise…

UK P&I Sees Donation Impact on Seafarers' Families in Philippines

Capt Anuj Velankar, Senior Loss Prevention Advisor at UK P&I Club travelled to Manila with The Mission to Seafarers to visit the Family Support Network (FSN) supported by the Club’s £20,000 ($26,000) donation in 2017. They were able to witness the impact their charitable giving had on the lives of seafarers and their families. Velankar met the staff and volunteer team in Manila, as well as other Chapter representatives, who has been able to reach more families with funding from UK P&I Club.

Photo; Trelleborg

Eliminating The Risk From Docking & Mooring

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched a new whitepaper and on-demand webinar outlining design and compliance requirements in docking and mooring equipment, and a new best practice approach to specification.The whitepaper, entitled The Quest for Quality, examines the relationship between cost and quality, explaining why low cost equipment could prove costly for port owners and operators in the long term.Hani William, Sales and Marketing Manager at Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, said, “The mooring operation is high risk.

(File photo: MSC)

Top Container Shipping Lines Reviewing Iran Operations

The world's top two container shipping groups Maersk Line and MSC are reviewing their Iran operations after the United States withdrawal from the international nuclear agreement with Tehran.The 2015 agreement, worked out by the United States, five other world powers and Iran, lifted sanctions on Tehran in exchange for limits to its nuclear program.U.S. President Donald Trump also instructed his administration to re-impose U.S. sanctions after a winding down period."MSC is reviewing its services…

Dan Thompson and Stuart Rivers  (Photo: Sailors' Society)

A Quarter of Seafarers Show Signs of Depression -Report

More than a quarter of seafarers show signs of depression - and many won’t ask for help, according to a study of seafarers’ mental health presented at Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea conference on March 16, London. The study of more than 1,000 seafarers was carried out by international maritime charity Sailors’ Society and Yale University, with more than one in six of the respondents coming from the UK. Some 26 per cent of seafarers said they had felt “down, depressed or hopeless” on several days over the previous two weeks.

Simon Main (Photo: North P&I Club)

North P&I Club Appoints Main as Technical Director

North P&I Club said it has appointed Simon Main as Technical Director (Underwriting), as part of the company's strategy for the development of the North P&I and Sunderland Marine (SMI) businesses. Main joins North P&I with experience from several senior leadership positions at Thomas Miller, most recently in his role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the UK P&I Club. According to North P&I, Main’s appointment is an important element of its growth and diversification plans. As North P&I enters a crucial phase in the establishment of its EU subsidiary…

The Importance of the BA Control Board During Firefighting Exercises

George Devereese, Senior Loss Prevention Executive at UK P&I Club, discusses how this important piece of apparatus is often overlooked and why it is important to have realistic fire training drills. With only five fires aboard U.K. flagged vessels over 100 GT in 2015, it is easy to see how training for firefighting can easily become a tick box exercise as the old saying ‘it will never happen to me’ comes into play. However, the exact opposite should be the case. Due to such rare occurrences of onboard fires…

To date more than 1,000 seafarers have benefited from Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea coaching program, equipping them to better cope with the stresses of life at sea (Photo: Sailors' Society)

UK P&I Club Investing in Seafarer Welfare

The UK P&I Club has confirmed its commitment to making a positive impact on seafarer welfare by extending its support of Sailors’ Society’s Emotional Wellness module. One of five sections in the global maritime charity’s Wellness at Sea coaching program, the Emotional Wellness training aims to improve emotional well-being through early identification of mental health issues and to enable seafarers to handle challenging situations at sea. Well-being of crew is a priority for UK P&I Club…

UK P&I Club Advises on Safe Soya Bean Transport

Petar Modev, Senior Loss Prevention Executive at UK P&I Club, working closely with the expert consultancy CWA International, has produced a guidance on the safe carriage of soya beans. “There have been recent reports of severe delays to trucks transporting soya beans to barges on the Amazon as a result of poor road conditions. This will have an impact on any vessels awaiting soya bean deliveries at the Northern Arc ports in Brazil through increasing the storage time prior to shipment, and increasing the likelihood of cargo claims.

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Cybercrime at Sea: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

David Thompson, Investigator at UKP&I Club’s Signum Services consultancy arm at UK P&I Club, highlights the importance of cyber security at sea. While the use of computerized systems for everything from navigation to container inspection has enhanced the safety and security of vessels at sea, it has also created a new type of threat to the shipping industry – cybercrime. The risks around cyber security and insurers’ exposure to these risks are a concern for the industry and regulators alike.

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What Do US/Cuba Sanction Changes Mean for Shipping?

Luke Lane, Senior Claims Executive at UK P&I Club, advises on the easing of the ‘180 day rule’. In October 2016 the U.S. Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced amendments to the Cuban Asset Control Regulations (CACR), which restrict the scope of the application of the “180 day rule,” by permitting ships to carry a wider range of cargos to be imported to Cuba from third countries without their being subject to the ‘180 day rule’. Previously, under CACR (Cuban Asset Control Regulations) foreign (i.e.

Tri-nation Agreement to Combat Sulu Sea Piracy

George Devereese, Loss Prevention Adviser at UK P&I Club, advises on the Tri-Nation agreement to combat piracy in the Sulu Sea. It was announced last week that as of May 2017 Philippines, Malaysia & Indonesia will launch joint piracy patrols in waters of the Sulu Sea. Since August last year there has been a rise in the amount of kidnappings and assaults on local small craft, international pleasure craft and smaller international trading vessels operating in the area. This has been linked to the local terrorist organization…

Susanne Murphy (Photo: UK P&I Club)

UK P&I Club Appoints EMEA Regional Director

The UK P&I Club continues to strengthen its presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa Region, with the announcement that Susanne Murphy has been appointed EMEA Regional Director. Murphy joined Thomas Miller in 1995 following a Master’s degree in Marine Law. Murphy has extensive experience in the region; she was Syndicate Manager for LS2 for a number of years and worked particularly closely with the Club’s German Members. Murphy moved into the Senior Management team of the UK Defence Club in 2009 and is Deputy Club Manager…

UK P&I Club Announces 2017 Renewals

The UK P&I Club announced its renewal results for 2017, which included a year-on-year net increase of 3.5 million entered metric tons of mutual business takes mutual-owned tonnage to approximately 139 million metric tons, an increase of approximately 2.5 percent. Combined mutual-owned and chartered tonnage now stands at more than 239 million gross metric tons. Hugo Wynn-Williams, Chief Executive of Thomas Miller P&I, the UK P&I Club’s managers, said, “This year’s renewal has been characterized both by the continuing loyalty of our members and robust negotiation…

Jeff Lock (Photo: UK P&I)

UK P&I Announce Promotions Within UK Claims Team

The UK P&I Club has promoted Senior Claims Director Jeff Lock to the newly created role of Global Technical Claims Director and Senior Claims Executive Adam Russ to Senior Claims Director. Jeff Lock joined UK P&I Club in 2011, having spent 11 years working as a solicitor within a major London maritime law firm. As well as being a qualified solicitor, Lock has 18 years seagoing experience on a wide range of ship types, including oil and petrochemical tankers. Lock represents the…

David Nichol  (Photo: UK P&I)

UK P&I’s Nichol Joins Greece Team

The UK P&I Club has promoted Risk Assessor David Nichol to Regional Loss Prevention Executive for the Greece region. Nichol is a Master Mariner who joined UK P&I in 2014, after gaining a wealth of experience both at sea and ashore. His experience spans ship and cargo surveying, claims handling, loss prevention and risk assessments. In his new role, Nichol will be responsible for  loss prevention initiatives for Members in the region, including crew seminars and training as well as  providing loss prevention support  for the Piraeus claims team.

Repatriating Sick and Injured Seafarers

Following a recent roundtable with Rowland Raikes, Medical Rescue International, Markus McMillin, Claims Executive at UK P&I Club, discusses the varying circumstances surrounding medical repatriation of seafarers, and the related challenges and associated costs. Medical repatriation is the transportation, home or to another medical facility, of a seafarer following an accident or illness when medical personnel and/or equipment are required for the journey. The two main themes…

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The Importance Training Around ECDIS and Navigation

George Devereese, Loss Prevention Executive at UK P&I Club, discusses issues of potential reliance on ECDIS, and advises that seafarers undergo the necessary navigational training. While Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) have proved extremely helpful for navigation at sea, there are issues that should be considered when it is in use. Seafarers should always ensure that ECDIS charts are updated on a weekly basis. When paper charts were in common usage, this could be a time consuming and laborious process.

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How to Reduce the Risk of Engine Room Fires

Tony Watson, Risk Assessor at UK P&I Club in conjunction with Burgoynes, highlights the risk and impact of engine room fires onboard ships, and recommends steps to prevent and supress fires. Research coordinated by IMO has indicated that between 30 and 50 percent of all fires in merchant ships originate in the engine room and 70 percent of those fires are caused by oil leaks from pressurised systems. Following a major engine room fire it is rare that a ship is able to proceed under her own power.

George Devereese (Photo: UK P&I Club)

Devereese Joins UK P&I as Loss Prevention Advisor

The UK P&I Club has appointed George Devereese as Loss Prevention Advisor in London. Devereese joins from Edge Brokers London where he handled a wide variety of marine claims. He has over a decade of insurance and shipping experience, including service with a container line and Royal Navy.

Crew Wellbeing is Improving -UK P&I Club

In the 20 years since UK P&I Club first established its pre-employment medical examination (PEME) program, the number of crew members failing their PEME examination has fallen from 11 percent in 1996 to a current figure of 3.25 percent, reflecting a combination of increased fitness and wellbeing of crew globally, as well as tighter selection criteria. The PEME Program, which is part of UK P&I’s Loss Prevention department, began in the Philippines with just five clinics located in Manila and six members who collectively employed approximately 1,000 crew.

UK P&I Club Advises on White Powder Deposits on Food Cargoes

UK P&I Club has been advised of a number of incidents involving white powder deposits being found on food cargoes that have been transported in refrigerated containers. The presence of aluminium oxide/hydroxide, which appears as white powder deposits on food cargoes, can result in lost transportation revenues, customer rejections, insurance claims and even government mandated destruction of the food cargoes. George Radu, Claims Executive at UK P&I Club, comments on how this cargo loss can be prevented.

Political Issues Wrap Nickel Ore Trade

Peter Modev, Senior Loss Prevention Executive at UK P&I Club, and the Club’s local correspondent (Pandiman Philippines) provide an update on the risks in transporting nickel ore from the Philippines. Nickel ore cargo originates principally in the Southern region of the Philippines, where it is loaded at Mindanao, but loading areas are private enterprises and at present shippers/mines are not allowing any access to these facilities. It is difficult for foreign experts to currently travel to the area, as most Embassies have strict travel warnings about going to the region.

Ships' Enclosed Spaces Continue to Pose Dangers

Amendments to the SOLAS convention on enclosed space entry came into force on July 1,  2016, requiring all ships to carry portable atmosphere testing equipment on board. Under the new regulation the atmosphere testing equipment on board must be able to measure the concentration of oxygen, flammable gas/vapors, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide as a minimum before a crew member enters an enclosed space. Any space that has limited openings for entry and exit, inadequate ventilation…

Jan Döhle (UK P&I Club)

The Thomas Miller Robin Travis Scholarship 2016

The UK P&I Club announced that Jan Döhle has been selected as this year’s Robin Travis Scholar. Döhle has an MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance and is qualified as a member of the Institute of chartered ship brokers. He has already gained relevant shipping experience working for a ship operator in Germany and for a short spell with insurance brokers in London. Upon completion of his scholarship, Döhle will be joining Döhle Assekuranzkontor GmbH & Co. KG, in order to further extend his educational and shipping experience.