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Monday, January 18, 2021

Sandra Welch News

Photo: Sailors' Society

Sailors' Society Launches COVID-19 Helpline

International maritime welfare charity Sailors' Society has launched a dedicated helpline for seafarers and their families.The confidential, 24 hour service is there to offer support and welfare to those worried or adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.Sandra Welch, the charity's COO and director of program, said: “We’ve seen an increase in calls for help and advice of late and there’s a lot of uncertainty, so our new dedicated Covid-19 helpline is a welcome addition to our services.“Many seafarers don’t know when they will sign-off and return home…

Logo: Sailors’ Society

Sailors’ Society Suspends Port Activity, Rolls Out Virtual Support

Sailors’ Society is offering virtual chaplaincy to seafarers as it suspends its port activities in response to the coronavirus.The charity, which operates in 90 ports around the world, is pausing port activities for an initial period of two weeks, in the light of the increased spread of the virus and the World Health Organization (WHO) activating an international state of emergency.Chaplains will instead be available online using social media and digital technology to provide advice, support and arrange practical help for crews.

Prasanta Roy (Photo: Sailors’ Society)

​​​​Sailors’ Society Appoints New Director

Maritime Charity Sailors’ Society welcomes Prasanta Roy as its new director general.Roy, who has 25 years of experience in leadership and governance within the banking and finance industry, is stepping down as a trustee of the charity to take the key role.Sandra Welch, previously the Society’s deputy CEO and director of program, has been promoted to chief operating officer. She will continue to head up global program delivery as well as taking on additional responsibilities across the operations of the Society…

Sailors’ Society

Seafarers’ Friend Gets New Ports

Seafarers visiting Ghent and Terneuzen will receive a warm welcome and offer of support from a new chaplain to the ports.Alex Eberson has extensive chaplaincy experience, having been Sailors’ Society’s port chaplain in Zeebrugge since 2011.Alex said, “I look forward to telling the people in Terneuzen and Ghent about the 1.6 million seafarers and how Sailors’ Society supports them around the world.”The charity’s chaplains and ship visitors reached out to more than 355,000 seafarers last year…

Photo: Sailors’ Society

Sailors’ Society Launches Wellness at Sea E-Learning

International maritime welfare charity, Sailors’ Society, has launched an online version of its widely respected Wellness at Sea coaching program.The e-learning platform opens up the globally renowned course, which until now was only available in a classroom setting, to thousands more seafarers for just $3 per user.Sandra Welch, deputy CEO of Sailors’ Society, said, “Seafarers are the lifeblood of world trade and our latest Wellness at Sea conference highlighted yet again how important it is that the human element be valued…

Stuart Rivers (Photo: Sailors Society)

Sailors’ Society Expands Into China

The world’s oldest maritime welfare charity Sailors’ Society announced its expansion into China, home to the largest number of seafarers globally.The charity, which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year, met with maritime consultants in Shanghai to find out how best to meet the needs of seafarers. It will then start the process of registering as an NGO.Sailors’ Society’s chief executive Stuart Rivers and deputy CEO Sandra Welch are in China this week holding talks and identifying local partners to deliver port-based services.Based in Southampton in the U.K.…

Dan Thompson and Stuart Rivers  (Photo: Sailors' Society)

A Quarter of Seafarers Show Signs of Depression -Report

More than a quarter of seafarers show signs of depression - and many won’t ask for help, according to a study of seafarers’ mental health presented at Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea conference on March 16, London. The study of more than 1,000 seafarers was carried out by international maritime charity Sailors’ Society and Yale University, with more than one in six of the respondents coming from the UK. Some 26 per cent of seafarers said they had felt “down, depressed or hopeless” on several days over the previous two weeks.

Image: Sailors’ Society

‘Wellness at Sea’ App Launched

Sailors’ Society, one of the largest seafarer support charities operating internationally, has launched the free Wellness at Sea mobile app, which aims to help put health and wellbeing at sea in the hands of seafarers. “Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea coaching program has been well received by the industry and we were keen to take it to the next level by putting the tools to enhance and monitor wellbeing in the hands of seafarers themselves,” said Sandra Welch, Sailors’ Society’s deputy chief executive.

Sailors' Society chaplain Muhartono Tito (Photo: Sailors' Society)

Sailors’ Society Offers Support for Kidnapped Seafarers

Chaplains from international maritime charity, Sailors’ Society, are providing emotional support to 10 seafarers who were released on May 1 after five weeks captivity at the hands of Abu Sayyaf terrorists. Sailors’ Society chaplain Muhartono Tito, who is based in the Indonesian port of Banjarmasin, had been providing welfare assistance together with colleagues to the seafarers’ families prior to their release. Muhartono said, “I acted as the liaison between the ship owner and the families. They were incredibly worried about the safety of their loved ones.

Sandra Welch (Photo: Sailors’ Society)

Sailors’ Society Promotes Welch to Deputy CEO

Sandra Welch, director of program for Sailors’ Society, has been promoted to deputy CEO of the global maritime welfare charity. Welch, who joined the charity in 2014, will continue to head up the program team, overseeing chaplaincy work in 85 ports across 26 countries, innovative welfare app development, the charity’s Wellness at Sea program and building houses, schools and medical centers for seafaring communities torn apart by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The charity, which will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2018…

Students on a Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea training day. Euronav has agreed a four-year sponsorship of Wellness at Sea, a coaching programme designed to promote health and well-being among the world’s seafarers.

Euronav Sponsors Seafarers’ Welfare Program

Crude oil tanker company Euronav has invested to become a four-year sponsor of Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea program. Wellness at Sea, which was launched in 2015, is a coaching and support program devised by the international maritime welfare charity to promote health and wellbeing among the world’s seafarers. Wellness at Sea is designed to reflect the needs of mariners and the shipping industry alike by promoting cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, social skills and spiritual wellbeing alongside more familiar skills competence.

UK P&I Club Aids ‘Wellness at Sea’ Program

The UK P&I Club announced it will be supporting the Sailors’ Society Emotional Wellness training module within its Wellness at Sea coaching program. The training, the second in a set of five modules, is designed to improve emotional wellbeing through early identification of mental health issues and empowerment of the seafarer to handle challenging situations at sea. Wellness at Sea seeks to combat issues by addressing ‘wellness’ as a holistic concept made up of five areas of wellbeing: social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual.