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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Radio Communications News

Photo: Thuraya

Thuraya Launches MarineStar

Thuraya has responded to strong demand from the maritime sector and distributors by launching the MarineStar, an affordable maritime voice solution with advanced two-way tracking and monitoring capabilities.Designed by the world’s most innovative provider of mobile satellite communications, the MarineStar is Thuraya’s new flagship voice terminal for entry-level maritime users. It is based on the same successful platform as other Thuraya voice hardware that have sold in excess of 1 million units to date.

Photo courtesy of Warsash Superyacht Academy

Warsash Superyacht Academy Partners with Porto Montenegro

Solent University’s Warsash Superyacht Academy (WSA) is opening a brand new training facility with Porto Montenegro, in one of the world’s most spectacular cruising grounds.Porto Montenegro is home to the world’s largest superyacht berth at 250 meters, and the marina’s 450 additional berths all offer an unrivaled range of services and amenities. The fusion of world-class training at a world-class destination will make Warsash Superyacht Academy Porto Montenegro a truly incredible…

USCG Restores Radio Communications Along NC Coast

U.S. Coast Guard Sector North Carolina has restored radio communication capability Friday.Repairs were completed at approximately 4 a.m. after communications went down Thursday evening, leaving the Coast Guard unable to monitor radio traffic offshoreThe Coast Guard said HC-130 Hercules airplane had been launched Thursday night to monitor communications in the area on a temporary basis.

Photo: The Centre for Marine Simulation

Simulation: The Centre for Marine Simulation

St. CMS operates a range of marine simulation equipment that covers a broad range of marine and offshore activities. Much of the equipment is highly specialized and unique including fully motion capable simulators. The center also provides technical management and support of simulation equipment that is used by other parts of the Marine Institute. CMS simulation activities can be divided into three main areas; Training, Industrial Response, and Applied Research. To support these…

Presentation of the anniversary book A Century Radio Holland during the festive celebration of the 100th anniversary of Radio Holland on board of the ss Rotterdam. From left; Paul Smulders (CEO Radio Holland Group), Ing. A. Aboutaleb (Mayor of Rotterdam), Erik van der Noordaa (CEO RH Marine Group) and Ben Vree (Chairman of the supervisory board of RH Marine Group). (Photo: Radio Holland)

Radio Holland Turns 100

Radio Holland Group (Rotterdam) celebrated its 100th anniversary in the maritime shipping industry. The event took place on board of the historical ship ss Rotterdam, in the port of Rotterdam where Radio Holland also has its headquarters. Paul Smulders, CEO of Radio Holland, welcomed the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ing. A. Aboutaleb and presented the Mayor with the first edition of the book ‘A century Radio Holland, 1916-2016’. Paul Smulders, CEO of Radio Holland says: "Radio Holland is 100 years young! We have a rich history, full of unique moments and milestones.

Robert Turner (Photo: Chamber of Marine Commerce)

Chamber of Marine Commerce Names Turner Operations VP

The Chamber of Marine Commerce has appointed Robert Turner as Vice President, Operations effective January 3, 2017. Turner has experience both aboard ships and in federal government regulatory development and policy-making, which will be helpful to his role managing the Chamber's activities related to compliance with the many environmental, safety, human resource and operational regulations and policies that govern all aspects of the marine transportation industry. Turner is currently…

International Maritime Rescue Logo

Inmarsat Sponsorship for safety H.E.R.O.

Inmarsat will commemorate the untimely passing earlier this year of one of the architects of its Maritime Safety Operations network by sponsoring the first International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) H.E.R.O. Award for outstanding service to maritime search and rescue, 'The Vladimir Maksimov Award'. The sponsorship is seen as a fitting tribute to Vladimir Maksimov, Inmarsat Director of SOLAS Services, who died on 4th May 2016 after a short illness, following 25 years with Inmarsat. Mr Maksimov played a central role in the Inmarsat safety team. The H.E.R.O.

Italy Approves e-NPs, ADP as SOLAS-Compliant

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has announced that Italy now approves the use of e-Nautical Publications (e-NPs) and ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) in place of paper equivalents. This decision means that Italian-flagged ships can now take advantage of the greater efficiency and accuracy offered by e-NPs and ADP whilst continuing to meet their SOLAS carriage requirements. Benefits of these products include fast electronic updates and easier access to important information mariners need, reducing workload on board and the risk of human error during passage planning tasks.

Summer Wind, Miss Susan Tow Collision Report

This is a synopsis from the National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB) report and does not include the Board’s rationale for the conclusions, probable cause, and safety recommendations. NTSB staff is currently making final revisions to the report from which the attached conclusions and safety recommendations have been extracted. The final report and pertinent safety recommendation letters will be distributed to recommendation recipients as soon as possible. to further review and editing. Houston Ship Channel, Lower Galveston Bay, Texas. The visibility was restricted at the time due to fog.

Solar storms heading to Earth

Double Solar Storms Headed to Earth

A rare double burst of magnetically charged solar storms will hit Earth Thursday night and Friday, raising concerns that GPS signals, radio communications and power transmissions could be disrupted, officials said on Thursday. Individually, the storms, known as coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, wouldn't warrant special warnings, but their unusual close timing and direct path toward Earth spurred the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center to issue an alert.

Coast Guard: File photo

GMDSS Task Force: Meeting Report & Next Meeting

The GMDSS Task Force met 2, May 2014 at the Loews Annapolis Hotel in Annapolis, MD, USA, to address current issues in maritime radio communications and related navigation system subjects. Its next meeting is Thursday 31 July 2014 at 9:30 am, at RTCM Headquarters, Arlington, VA, USA. Chairman Capt. Jack Fuechsel, USCG (Ret) noted that the last meeting was very well attended with over 60 participants. The Task Force presently has a membership of over 3500 interested parties worldwide.

Image: Public Domain

Titanic & the Launch of a Landmark Safety Agreement

When the RMS Titanic made its debut in 1912, the ship epitomized everything new and advanced about shipbuilding and construction. It was the largest ship of its day, a steel-jacketed vessel that featured cutting-edge safety measures such as 16 watertight compartments, 15 bulkheads and 11 remotely activated watertight doors. The ship had her own waterworks, an electrical power plant more powerful than the then typical city power plant, and two wireless telegraphs. It was a sight to behold and a technological marvel, cutting a course away from the wood and sails of the shipping past.

photo: Moose Boats

Moose Boats Delivers Two Patrol Vessels

Moose Boats, an aluminum boat designer and manufacturer in the San Francisco Bay Area announced the delivery of two patrol boats in late 2013. Moose Boats delivered a new M1-44 Catamaran Patrol Boat to Bridgeport Police Department on Long Island Sound. The M1-44 all-aluminum catamaran is powered by twin Cummins QSC8.3 600hp marine turbo diesel engines coupled via TwinDisc MG5075SC transmissions to twin Hamilton 322 water-jets with Hamilton Blue Arrow Controls. The vessel named “John Jack Flynn III” features a generous fully enclosed cabin complete with shock mitigating seats…

ADP Pack image

Navigation Safety: New Edition of Admiralty Digital Publications

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has launched its latest edition of ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP), Version 14. Free as an upgrade to existing users and available as a 3 month free trial to new customers. UKHO inform that 75% of the world's fleet of vessels over 2,000 gross tonnes has now been approved to use digital publications in place of their paper equivalent. ADP's suite of digital navigation publications, includes: ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights,  ADMIRALTY TotalTide…

Performance-Based Assessments

In a maritime environment where the benchmark for competence now far exceeds mere compliance with STCW and flag state benchmarks, a new generation of simulation technology is helping to measure real mariner capabilities. At the heart of it all is Transas and one of its primary customers, Maritime Professional Training. At the Transas 2013 Users Conference, held this summer in Maryland, USA, the best and brightest that maritime training and simulation has to offer came together for a four-day summit.

Somalia Counter-piracy Initiative Wins Cash

Somalia wins extra cash, military aid, at the recent London donor summit. Britain will help boost radio communications on the Somali coast to combat piracy that the World Bank has estimated costs the world economy $18 billion despite the dramatic drop in incidents so far this year, reports Reuters. At the end of the London summit Britain committed around 180 million pounds ($279 million), including funding for a planned doubling of the police force, and the United States donated $40 million on top of the $1.5 billion it has given since 2009. Source: Reuters

IMO PaperSmart Meeting Restructures Sub-Committees

The IMO Council, meeting for its 109th session in London has endorsed, in principle, a restructuring of IMO's Sub-Committees. The Council meeting was the first “PaperSmart” meeting for the Organization, and was considered a success by delegates. Delegates were invited to make the meeting "paperless" (PaperSmart), to reduce costs and make IMO meetings "environment friendly". Delegates were asked to come to the meeting with their own laptops, tablet computers, etc., together with their own Internet cables to connect to wired access points in the main meeting room.

Maritime Cyber Security: Survival at Sea

What do we think of when we hear “Survival at Sea”? It usually brings up visions of a ship in a perilous situation confronting some extraordinary circumstances that might be life or death. We are now faced with an even more harrowing scenario- broaching of maritime information including specific details that might encompass company proprietary data as well as details of vessel schedules and particulars. Many of you have heard of recent cyber-attacks including Stuxnet that deliberately…

IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu.

IMO Reaffirms Commitment to Ferry Safety

IMO reaffirms its commitment to domestic ferry safety after Bangladesh disaster. IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu has offered his condolences and sympathies to the families of all those who lost their life aboard the passenger ferry Shariatpur-1, which sank yesterday (13 March 2012) after being hit by a small cargo ship in the Meghna River, south-west of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka. Speaking to the Organization’s Sub-Committee on Radiocommunications and Search and Rescue (COMSAR)…

Air traffic controllers plot the positions of aircraft on a wall-mounted display, circa 1950. Will control of ships at sea evolve as did air traffic control?

The eNav Strategy and its Implications

Virtually everyone is, by now, familiar with the concept of electronic navigation, also called eNavigation or eNav. The problem is that the term means different things to different people. Historically, it started with radio beacons. Radar, loran, and GPS have been added over time. Now we have AIS and electronic charting. Most mariners view this as an increasingly sophisticated set of tools installed on the ship to improve the ability to avoid collisions, groundings, and related casualties. That is only part of the story.

Transas GMDSS Simulator Installed in Australian Maritime College

An installation of Transas GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000 has been completed in the Australian Maritime College (Launceston). Supplied, installed and supported by Transas partner Electrotech Australia, the system provides flexible teaching arrangements for classes of up to 24 students through the utilisation of two instructor stations interfaced to fifteen student stations. The system is remotely supported through VPN access, minimising travel costs for maintenance and upgrades. The system is capable of simulating a comprehensive range of GMDSS equipment, including Sailor 5000 and earlier versions.

This Day in Coast Guard History – April 21

1838- The passenger steamboat Oronoko suffered a catastrophic boiler explosion while tied up at Princeton, Mississippi that killed over 100 passengers. This was one of three fatal steamboat boiler explosions within as many months that forced the Federal Government to begin regulating merchant steam vessels. 1910- U.S. Government took over the sealing operation of Pribiloff Islands from private lessees. 1924- In an effort to increase the number of cutters available for Prohibition enforcement, Navy destroyers were transferred to the Coast Guard for law enforcement purposes.

Curtis-Straus Offers Testing

Curtis-Straus LLC, an electronics safety testing and certification laboratory, announced that is providing testing and test reports for marine electronics as required by expert bodies in ship classification. Curtis-Straus (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services) as an A2LA accredited Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory, offers testing for EMC, Environmental and Safety certification at its Littleton, Massachusetts laboratory. For the purposes of Type Approval…