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Sunday, June 16, 2019

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The El Faro 'black box' / CREDIT: NTSB

Lessons Learned from Maritime Accidents: NTSB’s Safer Seas Digest 2017 Released

Maritime accident investigation reports for collisions, explosions, capsizings and allisions and the lessons learned within those reports are detailed in the National Transportation Safety Board’s Safer Seas Digest 2017, released online Thursday.The publication is a compendium of 41 marine accident reports for accidents involving fishing, offshore supply, cargo, passenger, tanker, towing and government vessels. Reports in the digest were adopted or issued by the NTSB during calendar year 2017.The Safer Seas Digest is a publication designed with mariners in mind…

Photo: APM  Terminals Pipavav

APM Terminals Pipavav Hosts Trade Meet for CHAs

APM Terminals Pipavav recently hosted a trade meet for Custom House Agents (CHAs) and service providers at the Port and at Diu, Gujarat.The event was attended by members from Ahmedabad Customs House Agents Association (ACHAA), Pipavav Customs Brokers Association (PCBA), Ahmedabad Steamship Agents Associations (ASAA), Shipping Lines, ICD Operators, Global Freight Forwarders and Transporters etc.The objective of the event was to bring together the key stakeholders on a common platform…

Photo: Sailors’ Society

Sailors’ Society Launches Wellness at Sea E-Learning

International maritime welfare charity, Sailors’ Society, has launched an online version of its widely respected Wellness at Sea coaching program.The e-learning platform opens up the globally renowned course, which until now was only available in a classroom setting, to thousands more seafarers for just $3 per user.Sandra Welch, deputy CEO of Sailors’ Society, said, “Seafarers are the lifeblood of world trade and our latest Wellness at Sea conference highlighted yet again how important it is that the human element be valued…

Photo: APM Terminals

Digitisation Helps APM Terminals Pipavav

With more than 500 trucks per day passing through the gates at APM Terminals Pipavav, even the smallest efficiency improvement quickly adds up to 100s of hours saved per day. The terminal’s latest digital solution also offers significant environmental benefits, cost savings and improved safety. APM Terminals Pipavav have developed an online version of Form 13 (gate-in permits issued by terminals) required for each import/export container. Known as e-form 13, it will save close to 3 million kilometres of road trips and their associated carbon emissions each year.

Photo: Regs4ships

Norway Approves Regs4ships Digital Products

The Norwegian Maritime Authority has recognized the Norwegian Regs4ships product as being the equivalent to the carriage of nautical publications in paper form. “The Norwegian Maritime Authority accepts Regs4ships digital products as the electronic equivalents, which meet the requirements in respect of the carriage of publications,” the maritime authority stated. Regs4ships is a searchable compliance database tool used ashore (via an online platform) and on-board vessels (via a DVD).

It’s quite exciting. I like the way we’re moving things. It’s integrated. It’s blended. We have web-based courses, we have animation, and then we have job aids we develop sometimes just to help people along. Feedback – now we’re redesigning the classroom experience, all interactive. We’re learning by case studies: what happened and how do you fix it? Our people try to figure it out in the classroom in small groups, come back and then learn off of each other. I like that method. When you see peop

Changing Classrooms for Changing Class Societies

The role of IACS classification societies has evolved over time. Career development within those organizations has also changed. At the forefront of this movement is the American Bureau of Shipping. Mark A. McGrath is the Corporate Learning Officer at Houston-headquartered American Bureau of Shipping. The job description is a relatively new one – just three years old – and, ABS could have given him any one of a half dozen titles. In truth, the semantics of what to call the individual…

Aggregate Schedule Reliability of Top 20 Container Carriers, Source: Drewry’s Carrier Performance Insight

Maersk, Hamburg Sud Lead Reliability Rankings

Maersk Line and Hamburg Sud are ranked as the two most reliable container shipping carriers, according to performance rankings published in the new online version of the Carrier Performance Insight (http://cpi.drewry.co.uk) published by shipping consultancy Drewry. Maersk Line and Hamburg Süd were by far the most reliable carriers in the three months to October 2014 with overall on-time performances of 80.4% and 78.5% respectively. The next best performing carrier was Cosco at 69.9%…

North American ECA Distance Calculator Introduced by AtoBviaC

The imminent tightening of fuel control areas around the US is providing ship operators with a new set of challenges to face in the drive for cost effective operations. AtoBviaC has provided the answer to cost control during affected voyages with its new Port to Port – Online version of the BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables. “Our research has shown that it is rarely cost effective or practical to avoid these routes entirely,” said Captain Trevor Hall, Director of AtoBviaC. “It is…