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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Gerardo Borromeo News

Bjørn Jebsen (Photo: InterManager)

Jebsen Named President of InterManager

InterManager, the third party and in-house ship management association, has appointed Bjørn Jebsen as its President with immediate effect. Jebsen, who was elected unopposed at today’s InterManager AGM in Singapore, succeeds Gerardo Borromeo, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of  Philippine Transmarine Carriers, who steps down after four years at the helm. Speaking during his first address as President, Jebsen said, “I am a strong believer in the overall objective of InterManager…

Gerardo Borromeo Photo ICS

Day of Seafarer: ICS Highlights Seafarers Role in Migrant Rescues

Gerardo Borromeo, Vice Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) took the opportunity today to highlight the courage that is currently being displayed by seafarers, of all nationalities, with respect to the rescue at sea crisis taking place in Europe and in the Mediterranean. Speaking at an event run by the International Seafarers' Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) to celebrate the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Day of the Seafarer on 25th June 2016…

Esben Poulsson, Chairman, ICS

SSA President Poulsson Elected ICS Chairman

The President of the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) Mr Esben Poulsson has been elected as the new Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). Mr Poulsson was elected at the ICS Annual General Meeting in Tokyo today (2 June). He takes over from Mr Masamichi Morooka, who has stood down after four years in office. Speaking about his new role Mr Poulsson expressed his honour at being elected as the next ICS Chairman. He said: “Rather than viewing this as a personal achievement…

Gerardo Borromeo (L) and George Hoyt (R) (Photo: InterManager)

Intermanager Places Human Element

The international ship managers’ body, InterManager, has reaffirmed its support for the welfare of seafarers, described as the “heart and soul” of shipping, at The Connecticut Maritime Association’s Shipping 2016 Conference. Moderating the morning session on Wednesday, entitled ‘How can crews stay connected?’, Gerardo Borromeo, President of InterManager heard from impassioned maritime stakeholders on how access to a good Internet connection has become a major concern of crews and, more widely, the shipping community.

Gerardo Borromeo (Photo: InterManager)

InterManager Condemns Mangouras Prison Sentence

InterManager has described as ‘abhorrent’, the decision by Spain’s Supreme Court to sentence the Master of the Prestige oil tanker, which sank off Spain's northwest coast in 2002, to two years in prison and has called on the shipping industry to support him after what have been 14 highly stressful years. The sentencing of the Prestige Master Apostolos Mangouras was high on the agenda of the InterManager Executive Board which met in London Thursday. The InterManager Executive Committee…

Princess Margriet, Masamichi_Morooka and Mrs Morooka (Photo: ICS)

ICS Meets in Rotterdam

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the principal global trade association for merchant ship operators, held its Annual General Meeting in Rotterdam last week, at the kind invitation of the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners. The membership of ICS, which comprises national associations from 37 countries (including the newly admitted Russian Chamber of Shipping), reviewed a great number of important regulatory and policy developments affecting global maritime trade. These included many of the issues set out in the 2015 ICS Annual Review published in conjunction with the AGM.

Gerardo Borromeo

InterManager President: A Voice for Ship Managers

InterManager President Gerardo Borromeo has reaffirmed that his association will continue to serve as the strong voice for the shipmanagement sector during 2015. Highlighting the association’s achievements over the past year, he said membership of InterManager, which represents third party and in-house ship managers, has grown by eight percent – continuing the trend of recent years. InterManager members now manage more than 5,250 vessels and over 250,000 crew members worldwide.

Gerardo Borromeo

Intermanager Reelects Borromeo as President

Gerardo Borromeo has been elected as President of InterManager for a second term and will serve as head of the global third party and in-house ship managers association until 2016. The vote at InterManager's Annual General Meeting in Singapore was unanimous and it gives Borromeo the mandate he needs to see through important initiatives currently underway such as promoting an industry-wide mechanism for benchmarking shipmanagement operations; striving to drive more efficiency onboard and on shore while also keeping a keen eye on sustainability. The AGM also elected five Vice Presidents.

 InterManager President Gerardo Borromeo

InterManager Urges Calm over Possible Filipino Officer Ban

Ship managers should put in place sensible contingency plans to guard against a worst-case scenario should Filipino officers potentially find themselves banned from working on EU-flagged vessels. This follows concerns raised by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) over the ability of the Philippine Maritime Administration to fully and effectively implement all provisions of the STCW Convention. This call by InterManager is intended to put perspective on anxieties about what…

InterManager members meet in the Old Library, Lloyd’s of London, for their annual general meeting and seminar.

Intermanager AGM Pledges to Focus on Seafarers

InterManager, the international trade association for the ship management industry, has pledged to put ‘people’ at the center of its focus over the next year. He outlined a comprehensive program of activity for the next year with topics to be covered including best management practices, seafarer health and wellness, enhanced maritime communications and an examination of the administrative burdens onboard ship. The President outlined the work InterManager has carried out over the past year on behalf of its members.

As MLC Deadline Approaches, InterManager Calls for Restraint

InterManager, the international association of in-house and third party ship managers, is calling on flag States to exercise tolerance and flexibility in the weeks and months following the entry into force of the Maritime Labour Convention. A poll of its member companies shows that InterManager members are ready to meet the needs and demands of the MLC when it enters into force on August 20th this year. However, the association remains concerned that, as the MLC requires total commitment from its global stakeholders…

Esben Poulsson

Poulsson Appointed ICS Vice Chairman

Singapore Shipping Association Honorary Secretary and International Committee Chairman Esben Poulsson has been elected as a Vice Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). His election took place at the ICS’s recent Annual General Meeting in Oslo. He joins three other Vice Chairmen for 2013-2015: John C Lyras (Greece), Karin Orsel (Netherlands) and Gerardo Borromeo (Philippines). The SSA is an active member of the ICS and Mr. Poulsson has in the past represented the ICS at a number of industry meetings in Asia.

InterManager President Gerardo Borromeo

InterManager to Tackle Industry Challenges

Low freight rates and a challenging market are concerns for ship managers as they begin 2013. A survey of members of InterManager, the international trade association for the ship and crew management industry, has identified the main concerns affecting the industry as it begins the New Year. In addition to fears about how challenging market conditions impact on operating budgets, ship and crew managers are also concerned at the difficulties of finding and retaining quality staff – both at sea and on shore.

New Team at InterManager Takes Over

InterManager appoints Gerardo Borromeo president, joined by four new vice-presidents. InterManager, is an international trade association for in-house and third party ship managers presently has a membership of 91 – both Full and Associate members – involved in the management of almost 5,000 vessels and some 250,000 crew. Mr Borromeo, who was elected unopposed at InterManager's AGM in Copenhagen, succeeds Alastair Evitt, Managing Director of Meridian Marine Management, who has completed his two-year term of office.

Gerardo A. Borromeo

InterManager Appoints New Team

InterManager, the international trade association for in-house and third party ship managers, has today appointed Gerardo Borromeo as its new President with immediate effect. Mr Borromeo, who was elected unopposed [October 11] InterManager AGM in Copenhagen, succeeds Alastair Evitt, Managing Director of Meridian Marine Management, who has completed his two-year term of office. The AGM also voted in four new Vice Presidents to focus on specific areas of InterManager business. They are: Alex Albertini (Marfin Management) who takes up the role of Treasurer…