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Friday, April 3, 2020

Fred Bouchard News

Courtesy Chamber of Shipping of America

Bouchard Transportation Wins Jones F. Devlin Award

The Chamber of Shipping of America awarded thirty- nine (39) Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. operating vessels the Jones F. Devlin Award, at the Annual Safety Awards Luncheon in New Orleans, LA. This award further symbolizes Bouchard’s dedicated commitment to safety, and is a true testament to the hard work and devotion their crew and safety department put forth every day to ensure Bouchard always operates safely. B. No. B. No. M/V Barbara E. M/V J. B. No. B. No. B. No. B. No. M/V Marion C. B. No. B. No. M/V Brendan J. M/V Morton S. B. No. B. No. M/V Ralph E. B. No. B. No. M/V Rhea I. B. No.

Brendan J. Bouchard (Photo: Bouchard Transportation)

New VP of Sales & Operations at Bouchard Transportation

Independently-owned ocean-going petroleum barge company Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. announced the appointment of Brendan J. Bouchard as VP of Sales and Operations, establishing the fifth generation of the Bouchard family. Bouchard Transportation was started by Brendan J. Bouchard’s great great grandfather, Capt. Fred Bouchard, and passed on down to his great grandfather, Morton S. Bouchard Sr., then to his grandfather Morton S. Bouchard Jr.,  and then to his father, Morton S. Bouchard III,  to whom Brendan will report.

Photo courtesy of Bouchard

Bouchard Vessels Honored by SCA

Forty-three Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. vessels have been honored by The Chamber of Shipping America (CSA) with Certificates of Environmental Achievement. The awards, given out on Thursday, November 13, recognize vessels that have operated for two full years or more without an environmental incident. “These commendations are a testament to the hard work of both our safety department and our vessel employees,” said Morton S. Bouchard III, President and CEO of Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. “At Bouchard Transportation we have made the safety of our crew and the environment a priority.