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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Christina Desimone News

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Maritime Medical: Keeping Ship Crews Healthy During a Pandemic

In the best of times, keeping ship crews mentally and physically healthy is a challenge premised on the inherent nature of and dangers in the job, plus the proximity of ship from ready, shoreside help. Add a global pandemic and the situation becomes untenable. We checked in with a select group of maritime medical care organizations for mitigating COVID-19 maritime medical risk.Seafarers are an essential workforce to the global economy with as many as 1.5 million working day and night…

Christina DeSimone (Photo: Future Care)

Future Care CEO Discusses Tele-medicine for Maritime

Future Care, Inc. CEO Christina DeSimone presented at this year’s CMA Shipping 2017 Conference, held in Stamford, Conn., where she discussed the mitigation of crewmember medical claims utilizing innovative techniques, such as Tele-Medical Physician Advice at Sea and Future Care’s unique Caring for the Crew Program. DeSimone focused on the idea that medical triage for crewmembers begins on board the vessel, and should be utilized for any medical incident, no matter how small. Primary health care aliments in particular require immediate treatment on board…

Martin D. Slade, Lecturer, Director of Research, Yale Occupational & Environmental Medicine and Dr. Rafael Y. Lefkowitz, MD MPH, Clinical Instructor, Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

MLC Mandated Medical Management for Mariners

Managed medical care specialist Future Care is changing the way the maritime industry looks at mariner healthcare. The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) has forever changed the way vessel operators look at healthcare for the world’s 1.3 million mariners. For some, it means simple compliance with a minimum set of standards and managing the costs associated with that standard. For others, MLC is a call to arms for those who work to make sure that healthcare at sea means more than just emergency telemedicine services.

Future Care, Yale School of Medicine to Host CMA Panel

This Seminar will be held at the Connecticut Maritime Association Exhibition in Stamford, Connecticut, at 3 p.m. EST on March 19, 2014, in the Charter Oak Seminar room. The distinguished panel of experts will discuss the growing prevalence of shipboard telemedical diagnosis and treatment and its effect on the immediate and long term health care of the international seafarer. The panel discussion will kick off with remarks by Christina DeSimone, CEO of Future Care Inc. The panel discussion will featureMartin Slade…

Christina DeSimone, CEO of Future Care

MLC 2006 & You

I must admit, I am a little bit confused. With that as a backdrop, please explain why there would be resistance to MLC 2006. Before you answer, and to be fair, my opening line said I’m confused, not stupid. I know that there is an onerous level of new regulation from the international, national and regional levels, a myriad of new rules and regulations regarding the design, outfit, operation and disposal of commercial vessels that is placing a hefty dent in ship owner’s bottom lines.

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Seafarers Far More Often Sick Than Injured

Yale University School of Medicine presents preliminary results of the Future Care, Inc. / Yale University Seafarer’s Health Study. In a presentation conducted in the Union League Club in New York City, Yale University Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program in collaboration with Future Care, Inc., reported the initial results of the pilot study on the health of seafarers internationally, initiated in March 2012. Using Future Care’s unique experience as internationally…

World Maritime Day Observance in Tampa on 27 October

North American World Maritime Day Observance and US Coast Guard Missions Conference to feature Piracy, Stewardship, Safety and Security. Two day event draws maritime industry, regulators and regional representatives. Piracy will be the focus of this year’s North American World Maritime Day Observance being held in Tampa, FL on October 27th followed by a US Coast Guard Missions conference on October 28th which will feature panel discussions on the stewardship, safety and security missions of the Coast Guard.