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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Leevac Creating Jobs in Louisiana

Posted to Ship Building in the US Gulf Coast Region (by Tyler LeCompte) on March 30, 2012

LEEVAC Shipyards, LLC (Jennings, Louisiana) - is expected to use a $667,324 U.S. Transportation grant to purchase a pipe and tube bending system that will bend pipes to the correct geometry required, eliminating the need to weld pipe sections by hand.

Expansion of Offshore Lease Sales Could Be Delayed by Obama Administration

Posted to Gulf Coast Maritime (by Matt Gresham) on January 28, 2010

In a closed door meeting last week in Houston, Texas, Lars Herbst, the Minerals Management Service director for the Gulf of Mexico, told industry leaders there would be delays in plans to expand offshore drilling off the Atlantic coastline, specifically Virginia.

Issues associated with the use of low viscosity distillates

Posted to Issues associated with the use of low viscosity distillates (by Gregory Trauthwein) on January 14, 2010

1.  Lubricity issues of distillates versus residual fuels. 2.  Suitability of existing equipment for use with distillate fuels. 3.  Operational safety when using distillates in large marine auxiliary and propulsion boilers. Lubricity concerns…