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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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Green Award plan to increase India footprint

Posted to Green Award plan to increase India footprint (by on October 19, 2009

Green Award Foundation could help check detention of Indian ships and make ship operation economically more attractive

based Green Award Foundation has drawn up plans to make a significant entry into . Their representatives have been in discussion with the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India and are likely to enter into an agreement shortly. If this comes through the scheme will greatly benefit Indian ports and shipping. Because by rewarding high safety and environmental standards in shipping Green Award makes above standard ship operation economically more attractive.

An Indian ship owner who is in the process of getting Green Award certification explained that by getting certified his ships will reap various benefits like discounts on port dues. “Several ports all over the world grant Green Award certified tanker and bulk carriers a discount of up to 6% on port dues,” he said.

“In April this year we arranged a high level meeting in Netherlands between our Ministry of Transport – Holland and the Ministry of Transport, Government of India,” stated J. A. A. J. (Jan) Fransen, Managing Director of Green Award Foundation. “The conclusion was that if joins in the program, it can have a very positive effect with shipping. We are hopeful of a tie-up being worked out between the two ministries in this regard.

“There are several advantages of Green Award for ports in . They will motivate quality in shipping thus minimizing accidents and untoward incidents. Ships also do significantly better in port inspection thus preventing detentions from taking place. However, as of now only bulk carriers and oil and product tankers are being certified.”        

The Foundation claims certification of over 200 vessels belonging to 38 ship owners. Since these ships confirm the high quality of the vessel and contribute to a positive image of the ship owner with all the advantages this entails more and more shipping-companies are coming forward to apply for a Green Award for their vessels. Customers and service providers value this opportunity to work with Green Award vessels as this can lead to a strong starting point not only in negotiations with insurers, but also to a position as preferred supplier for shippers who value a high quality image.

An official from the Director General of Shipping, Government of India stated that the government has been concerned with the increasing detention of Indian ship in foreign ports as it not only affects the commercial priorities of the company but also projects the Indian flag in very poor light. Not very long ago, the Indian flag was relegated to the black-list of the IMO and even now the status of the Indian flag vessels is not quite comfortable with various MOUs. As a result of this the government is seriously considering entering into an agreement with Green Award.

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