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Thursday, February 20, 2020

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Chowgule’s christen Jaigad Port after Kanhojiraje Angre

Posted to Chowgule’s christen Jaigad Port after Kanhojiraje Angre (by on October 3, 2011

New port on West Coast of India named Angre

Goa-based Chowgule Group have christened their up-coming $ 115 million green-field port at Jaigad in Ratnagiri, about 110 nautical miles south of Mumbai, ‘Angre’, after the great Maratha Admiral Sarkhel Kanhojiraje Angre of the 17 century. The port based on the West coast of India and scheduled to be commissioned early next year will initially handle 5 MTPA of cargo. 

Expected to provide efficient gateway facility to the growing hinterland of Southern Maharashtra, North Karnataka and parts of Andhra Pradesh, the all-weather port will have dedicated road and rail connectivity with 900 meters berthing length and a 13 m deep draft.

Chowgule’s had, during past 5 years facilitated export of Bauxite from this location before starting this development work. Angre Port will have handling equipment suitable for both bulk and containerized cargo with a focus on clean and environment friendly operations. A dedicated liquid cargo berth is also proposed with tank farm facility. There will be 24x7 navigation facility for assisting pilotage and towage support. Steps have been initiated to develop necessary warehousing and storage infrastructure in the available back up area.

Further, the group is proposing to invest $ 94 million for developing a state-of-art ship repair facility within the same harbor, having a ship lift and 6 repair berths on land. This facility is expected to be operational by mid 2013. According to an official of Chowgule Ports & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. “The repair yard will have the capacity to handle six ships every day of up to 10,000 DWT size ship. This integrated ship repair facility will be able to accommodate all kinds of activity including electronic navigation, underwater, etc. Once commissioned somewhere in the last quarter of 2011–12 it will have the highest operational standards in keeping with the needs of the most demanding ship owners.”

As per the Group’s philosophy, the Company has taken up all inclusive local area activities to foster integrated development processes. Technical training of local youth to acquire the required skills is already underway.

The Chowgule Group has diversified business interests including Mining, Shipping and Ship Building, Auto Dealerships, Explosives, Industrial Salt, Industrial Gases, Material Handling, Building Renovation and Education. This latest initiative of the Group to develop and operate a Private Cargo Terminal at Jaigad, midway between Mumbai and Goa under a 50 year Concession Agreement with the Govt. of Maharashtra under BOOST policy. The agreement was signed in 2008 and the project was granted Environmental Clearance in June 2010. The development works began immediately after that and the port is expected to start commercial operations by the 1 quarter of 2012.

The Company owns about 350 acres of land behind a 1,600 m long waterfront at Jaigad, which is a naturally maintained safe Harbor on the Coast. The landmass of Jaigad head provides shelter from the Southwest monsoon active in the region and does not require any breakwater construction.

With the growing economic activity, India’s EXIM and domestic cargo movement is increasing. The Major ports under Government control are facing perennial congestion. With new technology and flexible tariffs, non-major Ports are fast emerging as the future for India’s port sector. Private ports such as the Angre port close to cargo generating hinterlands therefore will boost EXIM trade. Angre port will also provide a gateway to the engineering and agro-based Industries situated in the hinterland thereby creating more economic activity in the Konkan and surrounding region.

According to an official conversant with the development, the group used to operate a coastal passenger service between Bombay and Goa with a stopover at Angre in Jaigad. They were the first to introduce fishing trawler to the fishing community at Ratnagiri and started building, fishing trawlers, etc. The group also set up the Narmada cements, the country’s first split location cement plant. It was sometime later that the group entered ship building. 

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