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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Two Ship Launching Accidents happened in one Shipyard in two years

Posted to Eversafe Marine (by on January 27, 2011

One Korean Shipyard located in China Weihai got two ship launching accidents in two years. The first accident happened in 2009 that a new built 6700 units PCTC sunk at launch. And that PCTC have not been salvaged from the sea until the latest launch accident happened.On January 21, 2011 in the same launch area one new built cargo ship grounded when it was launched from a floating dock.

Two new built vessels capsized when they were launched by the floating dock that is the true ridiculous story of a Korean shipyard located in China.
On March 28, 2009, a new built 6700 units PCTC sunk at launch.. The shipyard said the carrier crushed into reefs(?) when it was launched by a floating dock and water flushed into cabin from the broken broadside that caused the carrier’s rollover. People try to balance the carrier by making another gap at the opposite broadside but 4 hours later the carrier sunk into 10 meters deep sea bed. Then that PCTC stayed in the sea for about two years until the latest launch accident happened.
On January 21, 2011 in the same launch area almost same story happened again. Water flushed into engine cabins of the new built cargo ship which was prepared to be launched in a floating dock. Eventually cargo ship slipped out of floating dock before it was total floated and grounded by its stern. It is said the floating dock was somewhat damaged also.
From the shipyard’s website people can see their goal is to be NO. 1 of the shipbuilding company in the world.
Pictures are available at: http://blog.tianya.cn/blogger/post_read.asp?BlogID=2832583&PostID=30706116


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