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Supervision/ Weighing/ Tallying/ Sampling:

Posted to Supervision/ Weighing/ Sampling/ Tally (by on October 2, 2012

SUPERVISION, SAMPLING and WEIGHING, TALLY SERVICES Where goods are traded, stored, handled and transported there is anormally a contractual requirement to establish the quality and condition of goods and to monitor and independent lyover see loading and discharging operations. Therole of cargosuperintendents, surveyors of AIMControlGroup.Com is to obseve and report the facts,to undertake inspections,to draw samples andto arrange analysis and finallyto issue written reports and certificates. Email: [email protected]

Supervision/ Weighing/ Tallying/ Sampling: 
Where goods are traded, stored, handled and transported there is anormally a contractual requirement to establish the quality and condition of goods and to monitor and independent lyover see loading and discharging operations. Therole of cargosuperintendents, surveyors of AIMControlGroup.Com  is to obseve and report the facts,to undertake inspections,to draw samples andto arrange analysis and finallyto issue written reports and certificates. Email: [email protected] 
Thus cargo superintendents and surveyors of AIM Control Survey & Inspection Group have a vital role to play in establishing contractual compliance and the delivery of safefood and feed.
The supervising, sampling and tallying, weighing of goods are of paramount importance that the quality and integrity of any goods coveredby this scheme will be maintained throughout; from where the yaregrown and/or produced, untildelivery to final destination.
Loading and discharge operations can take place at port installations, primary processing plants,storagefacilities, andelevators (including floating elevators, tank terminals and ship to ship transfers).
The key of AIM Control controls necessary for the load/discharge operators are: -
1.     Allgoodsloadedor dischargedmustbevia asecurerouteandmethod.
2.     Whereweight isto bedeterminedthegoods mustpassthroughtheweighing equipmentinasecureroute.
3.     Recordsmustbemaintainedon thecleaningof handling andweighing equipment.
4.     Recordsmustbemaintainedon thechecks/calibrationof theweighing equipment.
5.     Allsweepingsandor spillage mustbeupliftedandaccountedfor eitherby weighing or by mutual agreement betweenthecontractingpartiesor their representatives.
6.     Alllocalandnational healthandsafetylegislationmustbeobserved.
Specialattention,when instructedby theowner of thegoods,shouldbegivento thehandling of organicand geneticallymodifiedmaterials.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Theapplicationof aHACCP approachiscentralto Trade AssuranceSchemewiththeaim of minimising losses, damageandcontaminantrisks.
Detailed provisionsandrequirements aremadeon theappointmentof independent superintendents of AIM Control Survey & Inspection Groupwhen appointed by, or on behalfof BuyersandSellers.
Sampling and Analysis
Where parties have agreed to trade contracts, the requirements for supervision and sampling at ports of loading and discharge are contained within the standard Sampling and Analysis.
The AIM Control’s Sampling is the methodology for the drawing, mixing and sealing of contractual samples to be used for analysis tests or arbitration purposes, which are deemed to be representative of the entire contractual quantity. The rules cover the sampling operations at both loading and discharge.
The samples are reported and/or certified its findings and determinations, on samples drawn, it shall ensure the samples are drawn, collected and sealed as required by the agreed Sampling.
Where parties have agreed to trade contracts, the requirements for weighing are contained within the standard Weighing (criteria).
The Weighing require that weighing should be undertaken via a secure route through accurately calibrated weighing apparatus and sets out which types of weighing apparatus are acceptable and the procedures to be followed.
AIM Control’s Surveyors, Superintendent, when called upon to supervise/oversee the weighing of the contract goods, shall ensure that the method used is in accordance with the custom of the port, or as contracted.
-       Weighbridgeweighing or
-       Weighing scales;batchscales,conveyorweighersor weighing grabs
-       AIM Control’s Surveyors, Superintendentshallclearly establishthemethodof weighing andtheweighing facilities inuse,andshall maintain andproducerecordsof theweighing determination.
AIM Control’s Surveyors, Superintendentshallensurethattheweighing operations arecarriedout attheappropriateplaceandtime in relation to theactualhandling of thecargo.
Theweighing recordsproducedshallmake referenceto thefollowing:
-           The apparatus used.
-           Approval by the authorities of such apparatus.
-           Information concerning the calibration and verification of the functioning and accuracy of such equipment.
TheCertificateor Reportshallshowtheweight determinedandwhen appropriatethemethodof weighing used; wherever possible,supportedby documentaryevidence.
The tally-men and chief tally of AIMControlGroup.Com will carry out conduct the tallying of quantity (bags, packages, cartons, . . .) upon the delivery and receiving of loading &/or discharging.
The daily report and final report will be issued to sent via email for Client/ theContracts ASAP.
Quality and Condition
Intheanalysis testsitcanperformasrequiredby theContractandmayreserve theright to submitsamplesfor testing.
Cleanliness Inspection
when required to do so by the parties, will visually and (as far as is practically and safely accessible), physically inspect vehicles/ vessels/ storage areas, recording where necessary details of the three previous loads carried and to check and report whether they are clean, dry and free from foreign odour or matter and in these respects only, suitable to receive the cargo.
In the case of transport by sea and waterway, it is essential for the safety of the goods that a Loading Compartment Inspection (LCI) of the cargo hold be undertaken prior to the commencement of loading.
Before loading commences, the cargo hold must be empty, clean, and dry, without any unsuitable odours and in these respects be suitable to receive the specific cargo. It must be free of any residues of the preceding cargo and/or cleansing activities and apparently free of vermin.
The results of the LCI, together with the information concerning the three preceding cargoes carried by the vessel as declared by the Master, must be recorded.
Fumigation/ Disinfestation/ De-naturing
Treatmentof goodsby fumigation or applicationof insecticidetreatmentsshallbecarriedout by Fumigation Company. AIM Control’s surveyor, superintendent may collect certificates to report.
Phytosanitary/ Veterinary/ Radioactivity/ Health Certificates
These areusuallyprovided by thenational governmental authoritiesinthecountry of loading andmaybe obtainedby AIM Control’s surveyor, superintendent asrequiredby thepartiesto thecontract. Our Superintendentshall drawandcollectthesamplematerialforsuchatesttobecarriedoutbyanapprovedlaboratoryoftheirchoice.In anyeventwhoevercarriesoutsuch tests,theinformationmayberecordedbythesuperintendentonitscertificates.
In orderfor our surveyors & superintendentsto performtheir activities,precise instructionsareneededfrom our principals atthe time of receivingtheorder.
AIM Control Survey & Inspection Group of companies shallnominateasuitablyexperienced person asaTechnical/ File Managerwhoshall betheresponsible personfor receivinginstructionsfrom aprincipalandwhoshallberesponsiblefor forwarding theappropriate instructionsto thefieldinspector(s).AIM Control’s Technical/FileManagershallbeapermanentemployee of thecompanyandshallberesponsiblefor ensuringthatsufficientinformationhas beenreceivedto enablethe fieldinspector(s)to satisfactorilycarryout his/theirduties.
Administration and Invoice
AIM Control shall keep all necessary and relevant records, including but not limited to, the following: -
-           Copies of Certificates and Reports
-           Photos
-           Relative shipment document
-       Invoices.
We are able to act supervision, sampling and weighing, tally services in Vietnam, Global. Our Vietnam Head Office, It has been acted over the last 20 years and continues to extend our services. We cover the whole Ports of Vietnam and global with our extensive network. Our staffs are fully conversant with local law & regulations and practices in their area, providing clients with direct support and advice on a 24 hour basis.
Our mission is to respond quickly & positively, and communicate our clients needs. In doing so, we are able to protect our client interests by maximising control and minimising exposure to damage and lost time.
We are an independent marine inspectors, marine surveyors and incident & accident experts providing cargo insurance surveys, marine & ship survey, reports and certificates based in Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, India, Korea, Singapore & Asia, Italy, Germany, Unit Kingdom, Russia & Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Argentina & Ect., Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition. Email: [email protected]
We are a leader in providing commodity inspection services, marine survey, tally, certification, P&I Correspondents, insured cargo and marine claim investigation & adjusting, vendor expediting and mechanical inspection services, testing, QA/QC based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition. Our Local Email: [email protected], [email protected], cell: +84903615612.
Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Survey & Inspection & Survey Group (AIM Control) Worldwide is an independent inspection & survey group acting globally and providing a complete range of inspection, survey, quality goods control, expediting, mechanical engineers, inspectors, expediters, inspectors, marine surveyors, and consulting, tally services to trade and Agriculture, Industry & Marine as well as governmental buying organizations, contractors, ship-owners, . . .
AIM is Agriculture – Industry – Marine Survey & Inspection Group, which one of the world’s leading trade inspection, survey, trade security and certification companies, operating based on Vietnam, China, Korea, India & in close to 100 countries.
Our surveyors, inspectors have always improved their knowledge and experience more than 20 years for meeting to of the clients with the best quality services.
P&I Correspondents
1.     Marine survey / ship Inspection and P&I Correspondents
Marine survey and Ship Inspection:
Issues of Ullage & Weight survey/inspection services
Ullage measurement & calculation volume quality of hydrocarbon cargo in liquid at ship’s & shore’s tanks/ tanker
Paint & Coatings, Corrosion inspection, Survey services
Towing inspections and certification
Expert witness surveys, investigation and opinion for law firms
Petroleum loss control investigation
Superintendents services
Malta Flag Inspection/ Survey services
Projects of new shipbuilding supervision and witness services
Free gas Inspection services.
Damage survey services finding causing by collision, and extent of damage/loss
Approval of towage & stowage, lashing survey/Inspection services
Seaworthiness condition Survey/Inspection services
On-hire survey for containers services
Off-hire & condition of container Survey/Inspections services
Investigation of causes of pollution services
Reports to damage extent of damage or loss services
Planning & stowage Survey/Inspections services
Tanks, holds inspection services
Loading/discharge Supervision services
Liquid, dry cargo contamination services
Out-turn cargo survey services
Collision survey services
Distribution on general & average damage services
Buying Agent services
Heavy lift cargo supervision and inspection services
Vessel Condition survey services for purchase
Marine Expert services
Inspection – survey – audit to Simple Factory
Inspection – survey audit to Extensive Factory
Inspection – survey to First Article
Product inspection services in AQL standards
Synchronism inspection services
Factory Audit services
Damage survey
AIMControlGroup.Com also furnish the related Commodity cargoes inspected and tested, namely:
Petroleum Cargoes Inspections 
Petro-Chemical Cargoes Inspections  
Agricultural Cargoes Inspections 
Minerals Inspections and Surveying 
Liquid Storage Terminal Services
Cargoes Additive Treatment Services 
Cargo Additive Treatment
Exported Cargoes inspections
Imported Cargoes Services 
Transported cargoes inspections
Global cargoes Marine Services
Marine and Cargoes Insurance Inspection services 
Stockpile Measurement Services by Laser Survey 
Other cargoes inspections
Claim Cargoes Inspections
Examples of one of scopes of cargo inspection descriptions
Cargo inspectors and/or surveyors examine cargo description from shipping documents and select containers or vessels, ships to inspect, before delivery. These inspectors or surveyors then ensure that the cargo matches the description in the documentation as such specification of cargoes. When wrongly rated cargoes/containers or vessels, ships are identify and found in unsuitable condition and different from/to indented use, the consultancies of inspectors and surveyors to concerning parties to implement Corrective Actions amount and hold the containers, vessels or ships  until the correct corrective actions implemented appropriately. This service helps provide a level playing field for all customers. An executive from a major ocean carrier remarked that "cargo inspection services are worth to saves the trade millions of dollars"
Cargo Inspectors and surveyors measure cargoes for accurate dimensions (specifications about raw material, packaging, cargoes). The aim is to provide a neutral measurement result that all concerning parties can agree on. These inspectors usually sampling of cargoes to test quality and items at a standard laboratory before the vessel loads, unloads and report the results to the carrier for their follow-up.
Cargo Quality Control plays a more important role which may not be discharged if there is any damage, or import control on your  suppliers. Our inspectors would assure that the quality and count ordered by you is arriving safely in the port of discharge. After approval is received by local authorities we would open your vessel, container, check its contents for quantity, size and quality, and if everything is in line with your order the container will be released to the final destination. If your suppliers did not follow your instructions we would hold the container pending your further instructions.
We also provide cargo surveys relating to damages occurring during transportation. Our principals here include insurance companies, underwriters and P&I Clubs. In these surveys we analyse the cause of the damage as well as the liability, extent of damage &/or loss. Particular attention is also given to the packing condition and stowage in containers, vessel’s holds.
Other services offered include investigation of theft, recovery actions where applicable, estimated and damage evaluation for yachts and other boats, and finally the act of loss-prevention, meaning a pre-shipment assistance or attendance with the aim to reduce losses and damages.
We also provide auditors to audit cargo suppliers with main content of as followings:
Policy and objectives audits
Organization structure audits
Focus on the customer audits
Management review and audit
HACCP system audits
HACCP team audits
HACCP analysis audits (consisting of identification of the indented, construct flow diagram, on-site confirmation of flow diagram, conduct hazard analysis, relevant & critical control point and establish CCP limits audits, document and corrective actions audits)
Quality management of system audits
Human recourse audits
Facilities audits
Process control audits
Occupation safety, health and environment audits
Welding inspection services
W.P.S & P.Q.R review
Welder & Welding operator test
Welding Procedure Qualification Test
Heat Treatment Chart Review
Visual Inspection
Assembly inspection
Pressure Test
Functional and Performance Test
Mechanical Running Test
Field Installation and Maintenance Inspection
Progress Expediting
Review & witness of a material testing and mill certificate
Prepare of WPQR & WPS and Welder qualification test.
Perform of pneumatic & hydro’ test
Supervisory Activities & Expedition for Shop Fabrication and Site Erection
Experience with Code and Rule: ASTM, AWS D1.1, ASME, ANSI, API, JIS, KS, SSPC, EMA.UOP and etc
Experience with ASME Section VIII, Division 2 Pressure Vessel Code
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