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Sunday, February 23, 2020

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SubChapter M: Vessel 365 Gets Underway

Posted to Maritime Software....Making It Easy (by on July 18, 2016

New Generation Workboat Recordkeeping Launches in Time for SubChapter M Effective Date

Since 2011 I have been involved with in nearly every high level discussion concerning SubChapter M technologies and recordkeeping.  It has been a long and often times anxious road as we have all pondered what USCG would publish in the Final Rule.  This Wednesday, July 20, 2016 that Final Rule becomes effective.  The time has come to put all that hard work to use.

MarineCFO is proud of the Vessel 365 towing vessel record that has been engineered over the course of these last few years.  Vessel 365 is not only a regulatory recordkeeping standard but an onboard workboat technology standard. 

It just isn't enough for technology developers to build out software solution.   Trusted technology partners make the most of understanding the regulatory, commercial, and corporate aspects inherent in the applications they deploy for their maritime clients.

Recently I had an interview on MaritimeTV about SubChapter M and during the course of the interview it occurred to me that we've made tremendous strides in maritime technology since the original SubChapter M legislation was passed in 2004.  The inland industry must now find the best way to integrate this technology during the Sub M "buy in" and implementation phase.