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Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Posted to Brazilian Subsea and Maritime News (by on December 17, 2009

The only national ROV service provider in Brazil

SISTAC access systems was fouded in 1995 to develop alternatives for enhancing the existing diving services in Brazil. At the same time they innovated introducing rope access methods for doing rig maintenance work that at the time was done through the use of inneficient scafolding.
Using experimental techniques,they proved the efficiency and reliability of their rope access methods and also introduced more efficient diving operation methods.
In 1997 SISTAC brought to the Brazilian offshore diving market a new weld inspection technique named ACFM (Alternate Current Field Measurement).
In 2005 SISTAC started executing the daring method of U/W diving repairs with no interuption in field production, a first in the Brazilian offshore diving market.
Finally in 2007 they started to operate a U/W access and intervention method using ROVs, with vehicles operating up to 3,000m depth.
Having to compete with reknown ROV intervention companies such as ACERGY, SUBSEA 7 and Fugro must have been quite dounting, but they never gave up and today SISTAC can boast of having received prizes in HSE and Service Provider from Petrobras every year since 2005.
SISTAC´s operational division is strategically situated between Rio and Macaé, with their own ROV training facilities reproducing as close as possible those encountered offshore, in order to simulate normal and emergency ROV situations.
Their client list is very respectable and includes various shipyards and many offshore operators such as Petrobras and service providers such as Brasdrill, Halliburton, SLB, Noble, Transocean, Pride to name but a few.
If we look into the future of Brazilian subsea operations and the increasing demand in various areas for quality subsea service providers, SISTAC is in an excellent position to grow.
The fact that they actually provide quality service in two subsea areas (ROV and Diving) plus their distinguished position as a pioneer in rope access services, only enhances their value and importance to the national offshore growth effort, where the government policy is to increase and expedite the involvement of national companies and workforce,  in order to compete in equal terms with the highly competent  international service providers.
Obviously that is easier said than done, as the International companies have been at it for a long time and excell in competence and service quality. However, national companies such as SISTAC only need to be humble in order to face their shortcomings and proactive in order to continually raise their standards in order to make a strong name for themselves worldwide.
The growth and demand of the the Brazilian O&G market is seen in terms of decades and not months, if companies such as SISTAC are willing to put in the extra efford to raise their standars to international levels, and more importantly, maintain these standards in the long run, they have true possibilities of getting there.
That is one of the beauties of the Brazilian O&G growth, giving a chance for the underdogs to compete with the big dogs.
Time will tell.
Claudio Paschoa
Photo courtesy of DOFsubsea

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