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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Marshall Islands appoint IRS as Recognized Organization

Posted to Marshall Islands appoint IRS as Recognized Organization (by on January 11, 2012

The appointment of IRS as a Recognized Organization by Marshall Islands is expected to boost shipping and seafaring activities.


The Marshall Islands Registry has accorded the status of Recognized Organization to the Indian classification society, IRS (Indian Register of Shipping), in order to act on behalf of vessels operating under the flag of Marshall Islands.

The Marshall Islands Registry is one of the world’s largest and active shipping registers, which continues to be in the premier position and is the only major open registry to be included on the US Coast Guard’s Qualship 21 white list status since its inception. It is known for its long-established track record of combining high standards for vessels and crew coupled with high standards of responsive service to owners.  

The IRS, the internationally recognised ship classification society founded in India in 1975, rose to prominence in the past decade for some remarkable achievements that culminated in its acquiring recognition as a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in 2010. Today, IRS provides professionally competent, completely independent and highly efficient third-party technical inspection and certification services for all types of ships, marine craft and structures.

As per the new status any vessel flying the Marshall Islands flag can be classed by the IRS and have the statutory surveys undertaken by IRS. The primary implications of this is that any Indian vessel owner who wishes to acquire a Marshall Islands flagged ship can purchase it without much tension and for that purpose any Marshal Islands flagged ship owner can have his vessel classed by IRS.

According to an IRS official this has helped raise the profile of the class. Already IRS is recognized by Panama and Liberian registry. Now with the Marshall Islands having followed suit, and with these three major registries having accepted IRS which together constitute the highest world tonnage, it is but a matter of time before the others too would accord recognition to IRS.  

It is well known that the proactive approach adopted by the IRS for ISPS Code compliance that India along with Singapore got singled out by the IMO Secretary General as the only two countries which met the IMO target by complying with the ISPS Code within the stipulated time frame. Having gained recognition IRS is set to foray swiftly into newer frontiers moving on a high growth trajectory.

Marshall Island Registry which set up shop in India in Jan 2008 has also come to serve as an alternative conduit and a fast track mode for Indian seafarers wanting to get their Marshall Islands endorsements by seafarers joining a Marshall Island flagged vessel. Most importantly it has also given a face to the name of the Marshall Islands registry in India, as thousands of Indian seafarers work aboard the 2400 ships under the flag, a number which is growing rapidly.