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Friday, August 12, 2022

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It is show time for Conferences & Events

Posted to It is show time for Conferences & Events (by on July 17, 2013

Two forthcoming events which will focus on the Maritime Agenda 2020 and Ship Recycling are eliciting lot of interest

The sagging economy, rising inflation, weakening rupee and the falling FOREX reserves has caused the Indian government to take strategic steps to bring the economy around.  Leading the list is the relaxation of the foreign direct investments (FDI) in various sectors and also the decision to permit investments from overseas into the defence sector. 

These developments are being seen by event managers organizing conference and seminar as a gold mine. Generally with the onset of the monsoon hardly any organization dares to hold events related to the maritime sector as participation is lean. But this year it is a different story. A number of conferences are in the offing besides a few that has already taken place.

This weekend two events are scheduled. The Cargo Scope 2013 of Fairplay Exposition Group will be held in Chennai and Maritime India 2013 of Global Intelligence at Mumbai. There are also seminars by Company of Master Mariners of India, Institute of Marine Engineers, Institute of Naval Architects, Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC) in partnership with Arambhan Group and others set to take place in the coming days. At the fag-end of the monsoon, Hinode Events and Services Pvt Ltd. will be coming up with their 2 Ship Recycling conference on 4 September.

The “Maritime India 2013” scheduled to take place at Hyatt Regency in Mumbai on the 19 and 20 July and “Ship Recycling on the Indian Subcontinent” on 4 September at Hotel Vivanta by Taj – President are generating a lot of interests. A significant number of participants in both these events have reportedly registered already many being from abroad.

The former will focus on the government’s Maritime Agenda 2020 - A perspective to the development of Infrastructure core, development of ports. Maritime India 2013 will deliberate on the 46 projects underway at major and non-major ports with total investment of US$14 billion, as well as the 83 other projects with total investment outlay of US$30 billion that are at the formulation stage offering opportunities for investment.

The Ship Recycling conference will showcase the controversies surrounding the activity, at the same time laying bare the realistic situation that exists at Alang the world’s largest ship recycling facility. Following the IMO’s adoption of the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (Hong Kong Convention), there has been much opposition to the beaching method practiced by India at Alang.

In this regards Anand Sharma, Director of Mantrana Maritime Advisory informed that any move by countries trying to ban ships being sent to the ship breaking yards that undertaking recycling by beaching method will hardly impact the Indian ship breaking industry. “Generally ship owners wishing to scrap their vessel sell them to cash buyers,” informed Mr. Sharma. “In case laws are framed making ship owners accountable, then they will register their vessel under a flag of convenience and then sell them to cash buyer. Hence, such decision to oppose ship recycling by beaching method hardly has any impact. As an environmental issue the Supreme Court’s decision affects only tankers. Hence, India considers beaching method safe and environmentally friendly for all other types if vessels.”


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