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Sunday, June 20, 2021

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Isle of Man boosts global profile online

Posted to On the waterfront (by on December 10, 2009

The island's ship registry gets a well-needed upgrade

It’s not just commercial maritime companies that need to make sure they’re operating as effectively as possible during the bleakest days of the global economic downturn – entire countries (however small!) have to ensure they’re not missing a trick too. 

For the Isle of Man, a little island in the United Kingdom that lies between the coast of Britain and Ireland, this week has seen an important development in promoting its stake in the international shipping industry. 

Shipping is an important activity for the Isle of Man, accounting for a considerable input of money and business into the region thanks to its very low corporation tax levels and accessibility to Europe and the USA. However, the local government had long been criticised for not making the most of these advantages and hiding its light under a bushel in terms of promoting the island as a strong commercial partner for the shipping industry. 

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is making a concerted effort to change this perception, however, with its launch of new and improved website that utilises the latest technology to bring the shipping fruits of the island to a wider audience. 

The totally upgraded website has links to industry news and trade contacts as well as offering existing and potential clients the ability to register their vessels quickly and easily. 

Director of the Ship Registry Dick Welsh pointed out, “An overhaul of the website has been long overdue. We are very proud of the new website and know it will present the Isle of Man as a modern, efficient place to do maritime business.”

The site has already received a great deal of positive press as the launch of a £22million bulk carrier from China has been registered to the site, gaining excellent international publicity for the island and its ship registration capabilities.