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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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Freight Wings set new record in mammoth movement from L&T’S Kattupalli to K. G. Basin

Posted to Freight Wings set new record in mammoth movement from L&T’S Kattupalli to K. G. Basin (by on May 11, 2011

2200 MT well head platform transported by Freight Wings to offshore site in KG Basin

Heavy lift transportation & erection specialist M/s. Freight Wings Pvt Ltd undertook a critically innovative and pioneering task last week for technology, engineering and construction giant, Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T) which is developing a multi-million dollar offshore platform for Deen Dayal West (DDW) block in the KG Basin for the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC). The development being undertaken by GSPC includes facility setting and drilling 15 wells up to 2015 in the Basin where huge reserves of oil and gas have been found. GSPC has awarded the multi-million dollar offshore platform contract to L&T.


L&T which is undertaking the surveying, engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of the Well Head Platform (WHP), preferred Freight Wings to manage the handling, transportation as well as the extremely critical task of Roll on of the DDW1 topside from the jetty onto the floating barge. The huge swell at the jetty made the complex loadout operation difficult and demanding and was made possible because all care was taken in handling and transportation right from the engineering stage.


The WHP topside was fabricated by L&T at its manufacturing facility at Kattupalli near Ennore Port on the outskirts of Chennai city. This colossal giant measuring 49m in length, 26.2m in width and 26m in height weighing a massive 2200MT, required ballasting / de-ballasting under precise calculations to keep the barge in level with the jetty during the 3 hour load out window.


A customized mooring operation was undertaken under Freight Wings guidance by L&T. It employed hydraulic winches for the Mooring of the Barge during loadout, when the Barge is positioned perpendicular to the Jetty. Also, the loadout beam / girder arrangements that were required for transporting the DDW1 topside were designed with FWPL’s active participation. As per directions from Freight Wings the location of the mooring winches and their foundations were finalized. It was absolutely essential that the 330-foot long barge be kept perpendicular to the Ro-Ro jetty to facilitate the loadout. Mooring the barge in an open sea jetty experiencing huge swell was critical to the success of this loadout.

Upon receiving the final loadout window notice from L&T, Freight Wings mobilized their loadout equipment to L&T’s Kattupalli site.  The entire operation commenced with the use of state-of-the-art self propelled modular transporters (SPMT’s). These were inserted under the DDW1 topside using the integral hydraulics of the SPMT’s, the topside was self loaded onto the SPMT’s. Negotiating the sharp turn to align the massive topside with the centre-line of the barge was made possible by the electronically controlled centralized steering system in the SPMT’s. The deck was aligned as required with the barge centre line and positioned over the piled jetty. The topside was slowly rolled onto the barge. The barge was ballasted / de-ballasted as per the submitted calculations maintaining the barge deck within + 100mm of the jetty top. Hydraulic mooring winches were used to moor the barge safely despite the significant swell’s wavy movements during the load out. Synchronizing the load transfer of the topside using SPMT’s with the ballasting/ de-ballasting using heavy-duty ballast pumps, the topside was safely positioned over its grillage at the previously earmarked location at the barge, safely and well within the calculated time of 3 hrs.


The loadout is one of the heaviest offshore loadouts ever executed in India under the guidance and expertise of Vijay Papriwal, MD, Freight Wings. The topside will be installed at offshore using McDermott’s Heavy lift offshore Crane in Kakinada, in the East coast of India.