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Networking platform enabling cloud computing to link SPNM members 24x7

Posted to Networking platform enabling cloud computing to link SPNM members 24x7 (by on April 15, 2013

Shipping Professionals in Mumbai to enter into the new age networking dimension

Set to boost networking performance of its members, Shipping Professional Networking Mumbai (SPNM), now in their second year of existence, is in the process of launching a powerful networking platform which will be made operational 24 x 7. Designed, engineered and fabricated by Mumbai based Smartline IT Solutions Pvt Ltd., the platform will among other things, offer several significant features, considered unique and powerful and facilitate members to avail of the remarkable and amazing benefits of IT technology thus shoring up their business performance all at the finger tip.   

Amit Dubey, COO of Smartline confirmed that members will have to wait for three months for the platform to be operational. “Each member will actually be able to interact with everyone among the SPNM on day-to-day basis,” he informed. “We don’t envisage the requirement of any additional payment from members at the moment. One only needs to be a member of SPNM. The big advantage is that the platform will accommodate cloud computing.

Mentioning in a gist about what cloud computing is supposed to be he explained that it entrusts remote services with a user's data, software and computation. End users access cloud-based applications through a web browser or a light-weight desktop or mobile application while the business software and user's data are stored on servers on servers at the Smartline data center. Users claim that cloud computing allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and focus on projects that differentiate their businesses instead of infrastructure. Cloud computing also allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and enables IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

Manvendra Dwivedi, Founder of Smartline and Advisory Board Member of SPNM informs that the platform is a powerful medium akin to any in the world for the purpose of facilitating members to interact with other members or with the advisors / consultants for transacting business, seek advice or interact with anyone in the circuit without having to move out of their operating office.

Depending on future demands the platform could be designed to facilitate video conferencing with one or multiple persons, conduct on-line meetings, exchange information, and wide variety of functions never offered in the country on such a wide scale. The possibilities are extensive and scalability can be unlimited. 

Smartline offers the entire range of IT services delivering end-to-end solutions that can manage and support customers' IT systems across the entire value chain. Members will find this platform a strong facilitative tool something that will make their operation and business progressive. The designers assure that the platform will be powerful to accommodate additional features that can be added on if and when desired.  This depth, diversity and delivery capability ensures adaptability to members’ clients’ needs, bringing out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain.

SPNM was founded in August 2011 by Manas  Vaid, Capt. Swaminathan Rajagopalan (Secretary), Capt. Ravi Kumar (Treasurer) and Anand Sharma (Joint Secretary), SPNM is a sister organization of SPNL which has its roots in the shipping communities in London and is strongly supported by various premier organizations and institutes in the UK.

With its objectives of 'networking', 'learning' and 'socializing', SPNM became an instant success when it was launched a year back. Today, it commands a membership of over 250, many of who hold high position in country’s leading shipping and other maritime companies. SPNM’s success stem from the fact that it has helped promote strong relationships by providing a platform which has enabled participants to meet the right people to include in their network and expand their sphere of influence.

Smartline IT solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a Business-to-Business (B2B) technology Services company supplying turn-key computing solutions based upon the latest technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and hardware in our 24x7 computing facility, Smartline offers Application Development & Management, Infrastructure Management, e-commerce solutions, Web hosting, Web development, remote help desk support, customer training, and systems support etc.

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