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Monday, November 23, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

Accidents are inevitable

Posted to Motivation is the Safety Booster (by on February 28, 2010

Accidents on vessels at sea are an objective reality, which existence is caused by complex character of external and internal factors accompanying navigation and the nature of human activity. Unfortunately, full exception of accident rate is impossible. However in practice it is necessary to render constant influence on its decrease by means of effective measures and aspire to achieve the maximal falling for any limited period of time. Achievement of qualitatively low level of accident rate directly depends on management efficiency of vessels and ports safe operation. Such management today is carried out within the scope of organizational structures, the recognized standard of which is comprehended in Chapter IX of SOLAS and ISM Code.
Decrease in accident rate is always a combination of technical achievements and the account of the “human factor”, in particular, such psychosomatic parameters, as weariness, information load, features of perception and intellect of the person. In conditions of the strongest economic crisis when for preservation of profits ship owners go on reduction of expenditure on many items of maritime supply, problems of a sufficient safety level maintenance stand especially sharply. Considering this fact, research and account of the “human factor” within the limits of vessels operations can be an actual safety booster.

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