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Wednesday, June 23, 2021


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Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on December 5, 2014

The arapaima is a large freshwater fish found in the Amazon, Orinoco, and Essequibo River basins of South America. It is one the largest freshwater fish in the world with a documented length of over nine feet and a weight of over 400 pounds. Its body is torpedo-shaped with a tapered head.

Battle of Fishguard

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on August 6, 2013

After French revolutionaries overthrew the monarchy in 1792 (arresting and eventually beheading Louis XVI), many of the surrounding nations engaged in efforts to contain and undermine the revolution. Their loosely-coordinated group has been referred to as the First Coalition.

UK Emergency Response & Rescue Vessels

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on July 23, 2013

UK law requires that those companies who are responsible for the safety of their offshore installation workers (duty holders) make arrangements to secure a “good prospect of recovery and rescue” and transfer to a “place of safety” for those…

James Buchanan Eads

Posted to Maritime Musings (by Dennis Bryant) on July 12, 2013

James Buchanan Eads (1820-1887) was a civil engineer and inventor. He was named for his mother’s cousin, Representative James Buchanan, who later was elected President. Growing up in St. Louis, he was largely self-educated. Eads made his initial fortune with the invention of a diving bell…