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Thursday, July 9, 2020


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Propeller Club Seattle Hosts IMO Secretary General

Posted to MarineNews Notes (by Raina Clark) on September 16, 2010

To put the work of mariners in perspective, the Secretary General pointed out that while the world’s population is somewhere around 6.5 billion, and waterborne shipping moves 90% of all trade for that population, there are only about 1.5 million mariners in the world to service that trade. Mr.

Readers Have Ideas on How to Stop Oil Flow

Posted to MarineNews Notes (by Raina Clark) on May 13, 2010

Jose I. "As a marine surveyor and beach master in Chile, with over 12 years experience in oil spills at sea, I deeply regret the developments in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a big environmental catastrofre serious consequences for the marine ecosystem.

Did the Chilean Quake Shorten Earth Days?

Posted to MarineNews Notes (by Raina Clark) on March 3, 2010

According to a report from NASA, the Feb. JPL research scientist Richard Gross computed how Earth's rotation should have changed as a result of the Feb. 27 quake. Using a complex model, he and fellow scientists came up with a preliminary calculation…

Short-Sea Shipping Talk Back

Posted to MarineNews Notes (by Raina Clark) on February 4, 2010

"...today in the USA different port authorities actively look to restrict the development of inland shipping and coastal sea routes. The best comment I have heard to date while working on the MAMH [Mid-Atlantic Marine Highway] is that the single…