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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Grand Cayman sea level data

Posted to Gulf Coast hurricane intensity reduction (by on January 26, 2010

Mean sea level (MSL) data at Grand Cayman Island is required to validate my assertion that the Loop Current (LC) intrusion depends on the difference in MSL between Grand Cayman and Settlement Point, Grand Bahama. How can we get Grand Cayman tide gages back in operation?

MSL monthly averages for Grand Cayman and Settlement Point are available from Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory for 1986 through 1996. Settlement Point is still operating but the data has not been supplied to Proudman's Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level. I don't know how to access the data. I hope somebody will help me.

The situation at Grand Cayman is much worse. The Cayman Islands Mosquito Research and Control Unit operated tide gages at North Sound and South Sound. Hurricane Ivan put the North Sound station out of operation in 2004. The tide gage At South Sound has been out of operation for many years. I think they were operating the tide gages because they needed to control land fill levels to get the mosquitos under control. Now they don't need the gages for their mosquito control operations.

Grand Caynman is the ideal place to meaure MSL at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). It is far enough from the Yucatan Channel that speeds up the flow and gives false sea level data. The program that I propose to reduce hurricane intensity is very large and expensive. It must be validated with present and future MSL data. It can benefit the U.S. Gulf Coast. Offshore and shipping industries would derive great benefit from hurricane intensity reduction and elimination of LC interference with drilling and oil production.. Restoration and operation of a tide gage is a comparatively inexpensive step. Any volunteers?

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