Luxury boat “SS Jiugang” launch failure

Oct 12, 2011, 10:36AM EST
Luxury boat “SS Jiugang” launch failure
On September 29th, a luxury leisure boat purported to cost over 17 million RMB sank stern first as soon as it entered the water near Lanzhou city in Gansu Province.

The boat named “SS Jiugang” is a major project in Lanzhou, with a total investment of over 17 million, and invested by Jiugang Group while Lanzhou Ministry of Transportation was responsible for the construction. Upon completion it will be Lanzhou’s largest, most luxurious boat, with a total length of 32.4 meters, top speed of 22km per hour and a passenger capacity of 80 people.
The Lanzhou city Ministry of Transportation Propaganda chief surname Qiao, who verified this event and explained that “the cause of the event was due to improper handling from the builders who mistakenly estimated the water level causing the water level to exceed the limit, leading to the rear half of the ship to take on water and sink.”
On October 2nd, the boat was pulled out from the water, and is currently under repair. Chief Qiao stressed, the builders should bear the main responsibility for this incident, and that this incident did not produce any casualties, while expressing that, “currently the boat is undergoing repairs and it is estimated that it will launch again in a month.”
Some people made a mockery of the incident while others question the high costs of construction and whether the impoverished western province really needed a luxury boat.
I have no interest in talking about corruption of the boat building since it is commonplace. As a marine engineer I only care about the bad launch. People can see from pictures that this boat was launched with marine airbags and the launch ramp is a steep dirt slope. Wrong air bags arrangement, bad launch ramp, low water depth are the reasons of this ridiculous launch failure. Obviously there is no basic calculation before the launch or else people can easy find the launch problems,    
Airbag ship launching is a good technology but some unprofessional companies bring shame on it. It says the one who know nothing scare nothing. In China some companies know little of airbag or launching but they have enough confidence to do any jobs.
When I am in bad mood I will try to have a look of what those crazy people are doing , I will smile.  
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